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Acoustic Guitar Web Sites

Guitar Notes by Jason Nieh
A very extensive and attractive collection of links by multimedia whiz, guitarist and guitar instructor Jason Nieh.
Guitar Man Acoustic Guitar Tips
"Care, preservation, maintenance, & playing tips acoustic guitarist clubs / guitarists / jokes / conversion wheel real audio & wavs / guitar wallpaper / links / music paper desktop theme / guitar tuner / screensavers / calendar"
13th Fret
A web-based discussion forum (in contrast to Usenet "news" forums that require a news feed) on acoustic and electric guitars.
The Acoustic Guitar Home Page
A site containing information and links compiled by Grant Galvis, a regular contributor to RMMGA. Hosts the RMMGA FAQ and Who's Who list (listing RMMGA readers, their influence and instruments, and how to reach them for correspondence or a jam if you're in their area).
Kirk Reiser's Web Page (Future RMMGA Site?)
Pat Kirtley Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Web Site
Pat Kirtley is the 1995 National Fingerstyle Guitar Champion. His attractive and informative web site includes a compendium of information on various guitar periodicals and workshops, and a list of other web sites of interest to acoustic guitarists.
The Sounding Board
Started in Summer 1996, this site "is intended to be a home for acoustic musicians, particularly guitar players. It will feature bands, music, transcriptions, reviews of new CDs and of new equipment..." Although other, older web sites and RMMGA fulfills these purposes, perhaps he'll find a niche.
Classical Guitar Home Page
Flamenco Guitar Home Page
Dansm's Acoustic Page
A new (Spring 97) and attractive acoustic guitar page by Dan Smith. It is noteworthy for its attention to issues facing beginners, and includes a number of basic lessons on such topics as chord theory and fingerpicking.
Richard Darsie's Music Room
Malahat Mountain Music
Home page of a Canadian acoustic music record label, including artist sites and instructional video descriptions.
Internet Guitar's List of Links
Favorite links of the Internet Guitar vintage guitar dealer web site.
Rubens's Acoustic Guitar Page
Bob Tedrow's Web Page
Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar: Steel String Ring Recordings
A site with samples of tunes and tab for Steel String Ring Recordings artists, and a list of links to other artist pages for acoustic fingerstyle players.

General Guitar Web Sites

Top 25 Guitar Sites
Visitors' votes determine which guitar sites make this list, which provides daily and weekly rankings of guitar sites of all types.
Yahoo's Guitar Listings
"An Internet Resource for Musicians" of all types, not merely guitarists. However, its organizer, Scott Lehman, mostly plays guitar, and thus this site's Guitar Resources section is first-rate.
Six-String Arts
A page hosting information geared towards beginner and intermediate players, including articles on chord functions, the circle of fifths, beginning fingerpicking, stage fright, etc.. An AOL site that crashes SunOS browsers.
Waldo Pepper's Guitar FAQ and Information
A small collection of links and brief FAQ documents, mostly related to the electric guitar; home of the Mesa Boogie Triaxis users group. Features an unusually unreadable home page!
Omni Guitar
A collection of links and information resources by Ted Viera, author of the "Essential Concepts" guitar instruction book, which is excerpted at the site. Ted is an electric jazz player.
The Internet Guitarists Network
A currently (Spring '96) small but growing collection of guitar links. Unfortunately, it doesn not come near to living up to its hype: "the single most important source for guitar related information on the internet."
Guitar Haven
A nice collection of informative pages, including particularly valuable FAQs and lessons, as well as a "Chord Finder" providing fingerings to basic chords, and a page of software links.
Famous Guitar Maker Internet World Headquarters
This site features an extensive regional list of electric and acoustic luthiers, but also hosts a wide variety of other topical lists of 'net resources of interest to guitarists.
DRS Guitar Links
This is a large and useful categorized list of guitar-related links compiled by DRS Digital Image and Sound, Inc., designers and developers of music software and contract programming services.
Guitar Net
Nashville-based guitar site hosting "Chord of the Week," "Ask the Guitar Maker" (Abe Wechter) and some other resources.
Cal Woods's List of Internet Guitar Resources
Cal maintains OLGA.
Ultimate Guitar Links
A collection of links in 4 categories: Musicians, Magazines, Manufacturers, Theory. Rather than trying to be comprehensive, this site simply contains selections its maintainer thinks worth visiting.
Jonno's Guitar Resources
A small collection of links, particularly useful for its selection of schematics and FAQs for do-it-yourselfers.
Essential Strings
"Offering free basic listing services and low cost web publishing to musicians, instrument builders and instrument dealers interested in establishing a web presence."
Web Guitar Resources
Maintained by Chris Bray, this is a nice categorized list of links, alphabetized in each category.
David Dion's Guitar-O-Rama
A web page maintained by the tech support and customer service rep for Rocktron Guitar Rack Technology Corporation of Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA.
Total Guitar Magazine's favorite links.
Guitar and Music Resources (unannotated list at
Guitar Resources
The Guitar Page
A presumptuous title and an unusually tasteless graphic design distinguish this latecomer (June '96) among guitar sites. Still, it looks like they put some work into it. Info is categorized according to style (although the links were confused when last tried).
Moved to webcom???
Doc's Guitarland
A nice collection of guitar resources compiled by Dennis O. Cline ("Doc").
Guitar-world of the Internet
OAGL: Online Archive of Guitar Links
Contains a large, single alphabetized list of links that you will probably only find useful if you know what you are looking for. It also has a live chat area.
Fitchett Guitar School
A jump and information page collected by Mark Fitchett, who likes to call himself Mr. Frets, "A highly skilled and versatile guitarist." Mark is a musician, audio engineer, and experienced guitar teacher.
Art's Guide to the Internet for Guitarists
This site hosts links to newsgroups of interest to guitarists, and a long, uncategorized, unannotated list of guitar links found with a search engine.
Liam Hackwith's Guitar and Bass Links
Chlorine's Modern Rock Guitar Site
A visual nightmare; but if you can read past the ugly graphics there may be some useful information here!
Guitar Links
Ignore the gratuitous JavaScript and self-promotion, and you might find this to be a useful collection of links. But it is uncategorized and merely lists all sites alphabetically, regardless of topic.
Blues Net
EE Shop Music Page
The Guitar Page
A newcomer (do we really need more guitar pages, folks?) that is high on appearance and low on content as of its opening in Summer '96.
The Guitar Homepage
Once you get past the pretentiousness of the title/PR for this site and the hype on the site itself, you'll find some tab (mostly to rock and pop tunes), chord charts, and software for netborne guitarists. As of Sep '96 several internal links at this site did not work.
Steel Guitar:
Bob Quasar's Peadal Steel Guitar Page
Information about pedal steel guitar.
Brad's Page of Steel
Information about electric and acoustic lap steel guitar.
Guitar Page at Music Web
A brief list of other web pages with guitar resources, and pages devoted to manufacturers and builders. The general Music Web site also has pages devoted to Home Studios, Drums, Keys, MIDI, and Magazines.

General Music Sites

Music Network USA
Hosts a vintage guitar list and classified ads for musicians. As of Spring '96, this site was very much under construction.

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