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You've turned down Bright Avenue, Bob Bennett's byway on the Information Superhighway. Welcome! This street is always under construction, but we hope you find your visit worthwhile despite the occassional wet tar or pothole. We also hope your travels lead you back here in the near future, as construction proceeds. In the meantime, there's already lots you'll find...

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Small Graces

Click below to hear soundbites from Small Graces. The RealAudio soundbites dowload relatively quickly, but have mediocre sound quality. The MP3 soundbites have very good sound quality, but take 3 times as long to download (it's worth the wait!). If you don't have a player for either type of soundbite, drop by our Soundbite Player/Encoder Info Page.

Small Graces Cover These soundbites are mono, about 1 minute long:

Visit the Small Graces page for more info about Bob's latest recording!


Chord Charts

Here's our first chord chart: Hand of Kindness, from Small Graces. This chart has the lyrics and fretboard diagrams. The diagrams are in "PSFret" notation: the fingerings for the basic chord are notated in the usual way (solid dots where you should fret notes; open circles where open strings should ring; "X" where an open string should not be played). In addition, extra notes to add after fingering the basic chord (e.g., for a bass run to the next chord) are notated with triangles and squares (play them in that order: triangle notes, then squares). Enjoy!

Our second chord chart: Man of the Tombs, from Lord of the Past.

Why is Bob's home page called Bright Avenue? Let us explain...

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"To be held in the heart of a friend is to be a king."
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