First Things First

Released by Maranatha! Records/1979. Currently out of print.

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Jonathan David Brown. Horn/Woodwind arrangement on Track 7 by James Gabriel.

The Musicians:

Bob Bennett - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Jim Fielder - Acoustic Bass
Ron Tutt - Drums
Alex MacDougall - Percussion
Bob Sanders - Baritone Horn
Nils Oliver - Cello
Terry Winch - Flugelhorn
Darrel Gardner - Flugelhorn
Bill Alsup - French Horn
Ron Loofbourrow - French Horn
Val Johnson - Trombone
Phil Ayling - Woodwinds
John Phillips - Woodwinds

The Songs:

  1. Carpenter Gone Bad?
    (also released on Lord Of The Past)
  2. The Night Shift
  3. Whistling In The Dark
  4. The Best
  5. You're Welcome Here
    (also released on Lord Of The Past)
  6. Forgive And Forget
  7. (I Know That) My Redeemer Lives (text: Samuel Medley; Tune: "Duke Street", John Hatton; adap. Bob Bennett)
    (also released on Lord Of The Past)
  8. The Garden Song
  9. I Belong To You
  10. Healings

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