Lord Of The Past: A Compilation

Released by Urgent Records/1989. Currently out of print.

Produced by Jonathan David Brown.
Executive Producers: Daniel Jittu, Jeff Straubel, and Marian Peebler.
Charts and track arrangements prepared by Carl Marsh.

The Musicians:

Musicians for the tracks new to this recording (11-14) are:
Bob Bennett - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Jerry McPherson - Electric Guitar
Gary Lunn - Electric Bass
Marvin Steinberg - Drums, Percussion
Reed Arvin - Keyboards
Carl Marsh - Fiarlight, Keyboards
Michele Wagner - Background Vocals

The Songs:

  1. Carpenter Gone Bad
  2. (I Know That) My Redeemer Lives
  3. You're Welcome Here
  4. Matters Of The Heart
  5. 1951
  6. A Song About Baseball
  7. Madness Dancing
  8. Come And See
  9. Mountain Cathedrals
  10. Saviour Of The World
  11. Still Rolls The Stone
  12. Yours Alone (Words: Bob Bennett, based on "The Lord's Prayer;" Music: Bob Bennett/Roby Duke)
  13. Psalm 149:1-4
  14. Man Of The Tombs
  15. Lord Of The Past

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