Matters Of The Heart

Released by CBS Priority/1982. Cassette and CD re-releases by Urgent Records in 1989 and 1990, respectively. Currently out of print.

This recording was named "Album Of The Year" by CCM Magazine in 1982, and was later named one of the "Top 20 Christian Albums Of All Time."

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Jonathan David Brown. Charts and track arrangements prepared by Smitty Price.

The Musicians:

Bob Bennett - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Steve Swinford - Acoustic Guitar (track 3)
Hadley Hockensmith - Electric Guitar
Don Gerber - Banjo
Mark Davis - Hammer Dulcimer
John Patitucci - Acoustic and Electric Bass
Keith Edwards - Drums
John Ferraro - Drums
Alex MacDougall - Percussion
Smitty Price - Keyboards
Roby Duke - Background Vocals
Kelly Willard - Background Vocals

The Songs:

  1. Matters Of The Heart
    (also released on Lord Of The Past)
  2. Falling Stars
  3. Mountain Cathedrals
    (also released on Lord Of The Past)
  4. 1951 (Jim Fowler/Michael Aguilar/Bob Bennett)
    (also released on Lord Of The Past)
  5. A Song About Baseball
    (also released on Lord Of The Past)
  6. Madness Dancing
  7. Together All Alone
  8. Beggar
  9. Come And See (Bob Bennett/Michael Aguilar)
    (also released on Lord Of The Past)
  10. Heart Of The Matter

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