Phil Keaggy's "As it is in Heaven"

Phil's two 2001 instrumental releases—In the Quiet Hours, and Cinemascapes—make available to Keaggy fans a selection of songs from Phil's ealier four-CD release, Music to Paint By, which had only limited distribution. The previously released tracks have been remastered and sound better than ever! And in addition to some of the best tracks from Music to Paint By, the new recordings contain four new Keaggy instrumentals, among them the lovely acoustic composition "As it is in Heaven," on In the Quiet Hours.

The Jan/Feb 2002 issue of Christian Musician magazine contains as a special feature four pages of transcribed exerpts from "As it is in Heaven." It was a priviledge to work with the CM folks on this. Christian Musician is no longer in publication (though it appears to live on as Worship Musician).

The material here supplements what appeared in the magazine. In the limited space we had in print, we couldn't present the entire accompaniment; you'll find a more complete transcription below. For performance notes, including a description of Phil's signature percussive tapping technique (which is used in Section E of the tune), dig out your copy of the magazine. That's also where you'll find a transcription of Phil's Spanish-flavored solo over Section E, and a Phrygian mode exercise that may help you come up with your own solo for this section. (If you don't have access to the magazine, this pre-publication mockup (PDF) has all of the published material.)


The file contains the entire accompaniment, written out in sections (labeled with rehearsal letters). Some of the sections are repeated later in the tune; this will hopefully be obvious when you listen to the song! I've opted for brevity, keeping the score to four pages rather than writing out all the repeated sections. As you listen, you'll discover that when a section is repeated, it is seldom repeated exactly. Phil takes liberties with rhythms and occasionally adds some ornamentation. I haven't transcribed every change. Let Phil's improvisations be an inspiration to you in making the piece your own with your own variations.

If you like what you've seen here, be sure to check out the other tablature we have available here at the Way Back Home web site. Peace to you!

Tom Loredo /