Phil Keaggy's "A walk home"

The Nov/Dec 2003 issue of Christian Musician magazine contains as a special feature two pages of music and text with transcribed exerpts from "A walk home," an acoustic instrumental tune from Phil's new instrumental release, Freehand: Acoustic Sketches II. If you're interested in learning the tune, pick up a copy of the magazine. It's probably available at your local newsstand, but if not, you can find subscription info at the Christian Musician web site. It was a priviledge to work with the CM folks on this, and I hope you'll support the magazine. The material here supplements what appears in the magazine.


The above file is in Acrobat Reader "PDF" format. If you don't have a PDF viewer, you can find a free one at the Adobe web site. The file contains the tab excerpts published in the magazine, but condensed onto one page for your convenience. Please consult the printed version for performance notes, practice tips, and analysis.


The following soundbites provide audio corresponding to the transcribed parts. If you haven't yet heard the tune, this should whet your appetite! You can order Freehand online at

If you like what you've seen here, be sure to check out the other tablature we have available here at the Way Back Home web site. Peace to you!

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