An Abbreviated Phil Keaggy Discography

This discography describes a few of Phil's most recent recordings, all of which are easily available on the Internet from the fine CD distributors listed below (often at substantial discounts). To assist you in ordering, you'll find lists of the recordings that are stocked by each distributor (as of October 1995). By all means, patronize your local record stores (Phil's recordings are most frequently stocked by Christian book stores). But if you can't find Phil's recordings locally, know that you can find them on the 'net.

For a more complete (but less descriptive) catalog of Phil's recorded work, check out the Preliminary "Complete" Discography.

If you are new to Phil's music, you should know that he is a master of a bewildering variety of styles, and each of his recordings tends to reflect a different collection of styles. Also, the lyrics for the majority of his vocal songs reflect his deeply held Christian spirituality. Here are short descriptions of the styles of the recordings available on the Internet:

The Wind And The Wheat (1987; instrumental)
Electric and acoustic instrumentals in jazz/fusion and "New Age" styles. Paul Kohler, writing for the All-Music Guide, describes the playing on this recording as "brilliant."

Find Me In These Fields (1990)
Vocal songs in rock and psychedelic rock styles, sometimes reminiscent of the music of the late 60s and early 70s, as well as some modern ballads. Between many cuts are live-to-digital instrumental breaks, some on solo acoustic guitar, and others in a blues-rock electric band setting.
His hooks are still firmly rooted in the '60s, but they're big ol' hooks, and a crack backing band makes this a power-pop classic interspersed with guitar instrumentals.
---Brian Mansfield, All-Music Guide

Beyond Nature (1991; instrumental)
Exquisite acoustic instrumentals covering a gamut of styles, including Celtic, classical, pop, New Age and fingerstyle. Includes both solos, songs with multitracked guitar, and songs with light accompaniment by strings and woodwinds. "An excellent recording." --- Paul Kohler, All-Music Guide

Way Back Home (1994)
A delightfully sweet collection of vocal songs with acoustic accompaniment, many incorporating themes of marriage and family. Here's a lengthy description and review by your friendly neighborhood Way Back Home web curator.

Blue (1994)
The "secular market" release of Crimson and Blue, with songs in rock styles spanning the styles of the early Beatles to the sounds of the blues-rock bands of the early 70s. Many songs have long instrumental jams.
A tour-de-force of '60s and '70s power trios and extended jams, it has songwriting a few cuts above most of the material that inspired it.
---Thom Granger, All-Music Guide

True Believer (1995)
This is Phil's latest release, a collection of great pop and rock tunes. It includes new studio recordings of two Backroom Trax favorites, "Salvation Army Band" and the pro-life ballad, "The Survivor," as well as his first Number 1 Adult Contemporary single, "The True Believers." Here is a recent review by Robert Berman, courtesy of NetCentral, and a review from Religious Broadcasting magazine.

Time, Volume One and Two (1995)
This two-CD retrospective (each available separately) collects 35 favorite Keaggy tunes from the past 25 years, including a large number of previously unreleased songs and songs on albums no longer in print. CCM magazine published a review of Time by Devlin Donaldson in September of 1995.

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