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A Special Interview for Phil's Internet Fans

Phil Keaggy: In His Own Words
In December of 1995, Phil did this special interview for Way Back Home in which he answered many questions from his 'net fans. It's about 40 pages long, but it is heavily linked so you can easily navigate to sections of particular interest; be sure to check it out!

A Joint Interview With Michael Card

In the summer of 1995 Religious Broadcasting published a joint interview with Phil Keaggy and Michael Card in a special issue devoted to integrity in the Christian music industry. Many thanks to them for allowing us to reproduce it here: Integrity Times Two: Michael Card & Phil Keaggy.

Articles from CCM Magazine

CCM Magazine has graciously granted us permission to reproduce their articles on Phil at Way Back Home. Articles and images will slowly appear here, so check back now and then to see what's new.

Other Interviews On The Web

From Les Pauls to Loops: The Phil Keaggy Effect
This interview by Brett Ratner was done for Gibson guitars in 1997. Phil discusses Invention and his Gibson guitars.
Interview for Harmony Magazine
This interview dates back to early 1976, when Phil was living in upstate New York in the Love Inn community, recording his earliest solo albums. The interview is provided courtesy of Dave Hollandsworth.
Coffee Talk: Phil Keaggy and Wes King
This is an informal interview transcribed by Roberta Croteau, hosted by the Wes King Homepage.
An Interview With Phil Keaggy
Robert Longman's 1993 interview with Phil, focusing on his then-new album, Crimson And Blue. An article based on the interview appeared in Notebored magazine, March/April 1993.

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