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Last revised: 15th August 1994


Track list for Way Back Home.
Info on Cheri Keaggy.

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There are several things missing from this Phile. They include:

1988? --:-- One By One {Compassion All Star Band}

1981 --:-- A New Horizon {Paul Clark}


The Phile is distributed in three parts: the first section contains nearly all the information anyone would want, the second is a much too detailed discography of Phil's albums, and the third is an equally detailed discography of Phil's collaborations, collections and album reviews. This split stops the Phile breaching the (obsolete) 64K limit, and makes it easier to save only the portions of the Phile you are interested in.

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Peter Thompson (


These are some of the frequently asked questions about Phil Keaggy.

Q. WHO is Cheri Keaggy?
  1. Phil's nephew's wife. She's just released an album called 'Child of the Father' on Sparrow and Captiol. It's a kind of Ashtonish album (so I'm told) - ask on r.m.c for a better opinion.
  2. WHERE can I get the Glass Harp albums?
  3. All Glass Harp albums are available from True Tunes, The CD Connection (telnet to, Long's (I think so, anyway), and The Phil Keaggy Club (oh yes, and Gaslight in Melbourne, Australia). Prices vary; best I've seen is US$13.59+postage and worst US$30+postage. They are "Marketed and distributed by Line GmbH., P.O. Box 605220, D-22247 Hamburg, Germany."
  4. WHEN is Phil coming to {my town}?
  5. CCM Magazine publishes the concert schedule for a lot of artists, Phil included. At least you're probably on the same continent (*sniff*). Contact Street Level Artist Agency, Suite 200, 106 N. Buffalo St., Warsaw IN 46580 (219-269-3413) for bookings and hence I presume booking information.
  6. WHEN is _Way Back Home_ going to be re-released?
  7. It's out now.
  8. WHEN is Bernadette Keaggy's book out, and WHAT is it going to be called?
  9. Now, and _A Deeper Shade Of Grace_.
  10. WHEN is Phil's next album due, and what will it be like?
  11. Haven't the slightest. Nothing about it in the February issue of the Club newsletter.
  12. WHY can't the new Glass Harp play the old Glass Harp stuff?
  13. Wade Jaynes doesn't know the bass parts? They were out of time? The record company and/or Dan Pecchio hasn't released the rights? You weren't in Ohio when Dan rejoined them for a few concerts?


The missing finger on Phil's picking hand is not a result of drugs, a cult, or an overdeveloped ego and underdeveloped common sense.

In Phil's own words: "When I was four I climbed up on to the [farmyard] pump to get a drink of water when suddenly the old wooden base broke apart causing the pump to fall through [the cover,] cutting off my middle finger on the right hand."

There is a reference to this event in the song "Way Back Home"; the back cover of, and ads for _Crimson And Blue_ show the hand with the missing digit, as does one of the photos in _How The West Was One_.


There is a persistant and mutating rumor (e.g. urban legend) that Hendrix, McCartney, or Clapton once said in an interview that Phil Keaggy was the greatest guitarist in the world. The interview has variously been in Guitar Player, the Dick Cavett show, or the Tonight show.

If it was Hendrix, then it would have been after the tour that Glass Harp reportedly (according to r.m.c) did with Hendrix, and thus between 1967-68 and 1970 when Hendrix died. The Dick Cavett show c. 1968 is said to be the source. There are several possibilities here:

Much the same analysis applies to the other two guitarists, with the possible exception of the "mind-altering substances" alternative (depending on guitarist and when the interview is supposed to have taken place).

The closest thing to this I have seen documented evidence for is this:

..Keaggy remembers a quote [Ted] Nugent later said about him: "He said, 'I don't know what happened to that Phil Keaggy, he could have saved the world with his guitar.'" (CCM Magazine, January 1989)

This is the story according to Phil. (Reprinted from True Tunes News, Volume Five, Issue Seven, page 43. Reprinted with permission of John J. Thompson, editorial director.)

TTN: There has been a story floating around forever. I has to do with Hendrix and/or Clapton saying that you're the best guitarist in the world.

PK: Well, to me it seems like an unverified rumor. Maybe someone said something and it went down the line and turned into something outlandish. After 22 years of hearing this thing you would think by now that someone would say "Hey listen to this tape or this video that proves it." Nobody has ever produced anything that gives it authenticity. I couldn't imagine that Hendrix or Clapton would have known me. I do know the Edge has heard about me and was once quoted as saying "I don't understand why he won't be more dangerous with his music." Maybe this album [Crimson and Blue] will prove to be. I met Paul McCartney at a wedding, and he said "You did a very nice job in the wedding, you have a very nice voice." He gave me a couple compliments and some advice. It was great to sit down and have about twenty minutes with one of my heroes and play guitar and sing together. The big mega-stars don't happen really, I just don't rub shoulders with them, although I have recently made friends with Greg Martin from the Kentucky Headhunters. He is going to be interviewing me for a magazine article soon. But I don't know too many big timers. As far as the rumor, unless anyone can sit and show me proof I will not believe it. I do know that in the days the Glass Harp was getting underway we were very high spirited. There were some things done in those days that I listen to today and think it was pretty good.

[contributed by Mark Aubrey]

        From Mon May  9 21:29:28 1994
        From: (Andrew B. Cohrs)
        Date: Mon, 2 May 1994 16:22:30 GMT
        Subject: Phil Keaggy...

I have debated whether or not I should mention the version I heard of the "Greatest Guitar Player..." rumor, but this one seems to be the most plausible. I guess most people think that their version is. Anyway, here goes...

I was in Colorado Springs, CO a couple of years ago and went to a second-hand record store looking for some Glass Harp on vinyl (still looking, BTW--if anybody has it). The owner--a guy who had that "I've been around through the sixties and seventies" scraggly beard and ponytail and adidas t-shirt look about him--said, "Phil Keaggy and Glass Harp [I never mentioned Phil's name when I asked him about Glass Harp], their name hasn't come up in a long time. I remember seeing the Dick Cavett show where Jimi Hendrix said about Phil that Phil was...'the best up-and-coming guitarist right now.'" I thought, hmmm, that's a bit more realistic, "best up-and-coming guitarist," and that was the first time I actually heard the story from somebody who said that they actually saw the show. He went on to talk about a bootleg he had somewhere of a Glass Harp show in New York somewhere.

Anyway, has anybody heard this angle on the story? I'm almost willing to bet on it...almost. The guy didn't seem to have any stake in proving how good Keaggy is like all the people, like us, who want to prove that Christian music can be as good as the rest, so it seemed a bit more believable.

So, Mr. Peter David Thompson (you are the one who keeps the FAQ about Phil, right?), maybe you can add this version to the many. I promise I didn't make it up....

Brett Cohrs
I don't know how to come up with an interesting sig. and am too busy to figure it out....


This includes only those albums by Phil Keaggy currently generally available new - see long discography and club information below for details on others. I seem to remember that the Paul Clark albums have been re-released as a CD boxed set, but I only remember reading it on the net, so your mileage may vary.

1970 Glass Harp {Glass Harp}

1973 What A Day
1976 Love Broke Thru

1987 The Wind And The Wheat {ambient electric/acoustic instrumental}

1988 Phil Keaggy And Sunday's Child {lp lost Everything Is Alright}


The address of the club as of 1993 (as written in "Crimson And Blue") is:

        The Phil Keaggy Club
        P.O. Box 15357
        Chesapeake, Virginia 23328-5357
        United States of America

The address may be found somewhere on the cover insert of his albums.

It costs US$10 for a year's membership, including 4 issues of the club newsletter. Back issues are US$2. Private Collection cassettes are $10 each, and a $2.50 p&p charge applies; $3.50 for foreign and Canada. You need to be a club member to order anything from the club. Note that newsletter postage may be much higher for overseas.

Issues of the (new) newsletter to date are: Volume 1 Number 1 February 1991
Volume 1 Number 2 July 1991
Volume 1 Number 3 January 1992
Volume 1 Number 4 May 1992
Volume 2 Number 1 undated - any USA member got a date for me? Volume 2 Number 4 undated - contains Valentine's Day references

This information is current as of May 1994. I hadn't heard from them for over a year, and suddenly got the last newsletter above. I've sent another letter to try and find out what the story is.


These are Phil's homemade albums, largely recorded in his basement. Below are the song lists for each cassette; there is more information on each track in the discography.
These cassettes are only available via the club.

Private Collection Volume I (Underground) The Ransom - Deadline - I Know Someone - Think About It - One In A Million - A Glorious Sunset - What A Love - The Two Of You - Paid In Full - What You Are Inside - Follow Me On - The Survivor - When I Say I Love You

This is a remastered version of the album of the same title released in 1983. The order of tracks on the first side has also changed.

Private Collection Volume II
Take Courage - Growing Tree In Motion - Salvation Army Band - What Wondrous Love Is This - The Great Escape - Breaking Away - Welcome Home - The Lion And The Lamb - Jesus Loves The Church - Gentle And Strong (Ian's Song) - Get Over It - You're Good To Me - When Love Came In The Back Door - In Good Time - Not So Long Ago

Private Collection Volume III
Arrow - Gonna Keep My Mind Stayed On You - You Can Make It - The Good News - He Loves Me - Psalm 56 - Stigotit - Down To The Wire - Misinformed Man - Lovely Jesus - Taste And See - She's A.O.K. With Me - D.iE.B.R.A. - The Love I Long To Hold - Montana - Late One Night - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Private Collection Volume IV
Like An Island - Little School Girl - Jesus Is The Sunshine On My Face - A New Star - Take You Home - When I Consider - March Of The Clouds Medley - You - We Three Kings - Our Lives - Spirit Bus - Beyond The Screen - Look - Year After Year - Totally Yours - Endless Life - Passport - Excerpt from Buckets of Water

Private Collection Volume V


Sources for this section include Phil Keaggy The Newsletter, How the West Was One, CCM magazine, liner notes, Crimson And Blue Radio Special, and various net.recollections from: (Daren McClearnon) (Robert Cote)


March 1951 (turned 40 in 1991): born as the 9th of 10 children to Jim ? Keaggy and Marguerite ? ?. His family is Mike, Dave (who sells computers), Karl, Bill, and Jim (in heaven), Ellen, Peg, Kathy and younger sister Geri. Place is Hubbard, Ohio.

Age 4: Loses the famous body part. In his own words: "When I was four I climbed up on to the [farmyard] pump to get a drink of water when suddenly the old wooden base broke apart causing the pump to fall through [the cover,] cutting off my middle finger on the right hand."

Age 10: Starts playing guitar.

Age 12: Starts playing in public.

Eighth grade (1964?): meets John Sferra (Glass Harp percussionist)

Age 14: Moves back to Ohio, joins New Hudson Exit

Age 16: Leaves New Hudson Exit

Fall 1968: Forms the Glass Harp from John Sferra and Dan Pecchio (actually wanted 6 or 7 piece band a la Electric Flag)

February 1970: Born again (on the same day as sister Geri) with the assistance of Ellen Keaggy.

February 1971: Meets Bernadette in a club in Akron, Ohio.

sometime 1973: Moves into Love Inn, upper New York State from Youngstown, Ohio.
sometime 1973: marries Bernadette ? ?.

1975-1976: 5 children miscarried. Book called "A Deeper Shade Of Grace" by Bernadette about this period (with a foreword by Phil) now available from Sparrow.

sometime after 1978: moves to Southern California

sometime 1980 [11 y.o. in July 1991]: Alica Marguerite is born.

sometime 1984 [7 y.o. in July 1991]: Olivia Ann is born.

June 1987: Ian Sebastian is born.

1989: Moves to Nashville, TN. Lives next door to Charlie Peacock's manager.

sometime 1990-1991: Plays in front of Paul McCartney at Laura McCartney's wedding (Two of You, Here and Now, What a Wonder, and I Love You Lord). Paul said Phil "did a fine job" and "you sound a lot like James Taylor". They had a brief acoustic jam after the wedding (photo in newsletter).


Management: Proper Management, PO Box 3157, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Bookings: Street Level Artist Agency, Suite 200, 106 N. Buffalo St., Warsaw IN 46580. Call them on 219-269-3413.

Appearance: 5 foot 4 inches, clean shaven, black collar (shoulder?) length hair with high front hairline. Wears a beret a lot lately. Missing the middle finger of right (picking) hand.

Uses James Olsen custom acoustic guitars: has at least a Strat, a Gretch 1959 Anniversary Model, a Zion and a Les Paul.

Daren writes: There are two Glass Harp albums displayed in the music rack in Phil's basement behind him in the photo on the back cover of "Private Collection Vol. 1 - Underground" (LP). "It Makes Me Glad" is facing the camera with the words "Glass Harp" clearly legible. "Synergy" is the whitish album cover at an angle in the bottom of the rack. It has a green "omega" with a red stylized lightning bolt through it.

I write: The 1991 remastered cassette reissue has, I think, a lower quality greyscale reproduction of a similar (but definitely not identical) photo. The former cover is visible; the latter is obscured by an electric guitar (Strat clone? two-tone (dark/light), NOT the Les Paul, has 3 knobs), if there at all.

Robert writes: As another (possibly useless) piece of trivia: I saw Phil when he was touring the Ph'lip Side album around 1979 (would have been 1980) in Providence, RI. Interestingly, his band was comprised of:

Daren writes again: there is the "Welcome t'one and all. Tonight, J.D.'s & Kent State University, Ohio, all the way to Carnegie Hall. Let us please welcome Decca recording artists, Glass Harp" intro to "I've Just Begun (Again)" off of the "Sunday's Child" album. The two flanged Gsus chords struck before the real song begins are the intro to "Look In The Sky" from the "Glass Harp" album.

Daren writes yet again: FOR MORE INFORMATION, a good article to read is titled "Sunday's Child is Full of Grace" in the January, 1989 issue of Contemporary Christian Music magazine. I'm sure there are other good sources of Keaggy biographical information.

I write: Thanks to Mark Aubrey, who found the February 1975 and May 1981 issues of _Guitar Player_ magazine and forwarded extracts and mentioned the May/June 1992 issue of _Acoustic Guitar_.


This section contains a lot of details on as many of Phil's albums as I can find. The definition has been stretched to include collaborations in the "Friends And Phil Keaggy" section.

Mark Aubrey ( {New Hudson Exit, Song In The Air, What A Day, Love Broke Thru, How The West Was One, Master And The Musician, Ph'lip Side, Town To Town, Play Thru Me, Getting Closer, Prime Cuts, The Best Of Keaggy/The Early Years, The Wind And The Wheat, Sunday's Child, Find Me In These Fields, Revelator, Crimson And Blue, Blue, Way Back Home, Toward Eternity, One By One}

Ben Coleman ( {Come Into His Presence, Good To Be Home, Full Circle, In The Courts Of The King}

James M. Hedberg ( {Electric Guitar Style, Change}

Daren McClearnon ( {Emerging, Glass Harp, Synergy, It Makes Me Glad}

Erik ?Tmerei? ( {A Matter Of Time}

Peter Thompson ( {Extensive editing and reformatting, Producer and musician credits on Mark's track lists, Electric Guitar Style, Acoustic Guitar Style, Way Back Home, In The Volume Of The Book, Roar Of Love, Don't Look Now... ...It's The Hallelujah Brothers, Entertaining Angels, Private Collection Volume I - Underground, Private Collections Volumes II, III & IV, The Boot Collection}


This section contains titles of all known Keaggy albums in reverse chronological order of release. The original Glass Harp was Phil Keaggy, John Sferra, and Dan Pecchio. The current touring reformation of Glass Harp does not include bassist Don Pecchio (except when in Ohio), who is replaced with Wade Jaynes (ex Chagall Guevara), and includes other musicians (Phil Madeira).
Times below are for CD releases, where there is a difference; Private Collection times are only approximate.

General release:

1994 Way Back Home {remixed re-release} 1994 65:46 Blue
1993 70:03 Crimson And Blue
1993 40:42 Revelator
1991 60:00 Phil Keaggy - Acoustic Guitar Style {Video} 1991 60:14 Beyond Nature {instrumental} 1990 51:10 Find Me In These Fields
1989 Phil Keaggy - Electric Guitar Style {Video} 1989 51:39 The Best Of Keaggy/The Early Years 1973-1978 1988 52:48 Phil Keaggy And Sunday's Child 1987 50:42 The Wind And The Wheat {instrumental} 1987 42:55 Prime Cuts {UK compilation release}

  1987         Way Back Home
  1985         Getting Closer

1983 50:19 Private Collection Volume I - Underground 1982 44:23 Play Thru Me
1981 41:04 Town To Town
1980 41:40 Ph'lip Side
1978 44:00 Master And The Musician {instrumental} 1977 33:21 Song In The Air {Glass Harp compilation} 1977 Emerging
1977 124:52 How The West Was One {live with 2nd Chapter of Acts} 1976 39:00 Love Broke Thru
1973 37:01 What A Day
1972 35:43 It Makes Me Glad {Glass Harp} 1971 35:22 Synergy {Glass Harp}
1970 49:08 Glass Harp {Glass Harp}
1967 New Hudson Exit

Restricted access:

1993 115:55 Crimson/Blue Radio Specials 1993 --:-- Private Collection Volume IV 1992 --:-- The Boot Collection 1970-1991 {approx, compilation} 1991 71:19 Private Collection Volume III 1989 59:30 Private Collection Volume II 1989 50:19 Private Collection Volume I - Underground {remixed}

Friends and Phil Keaggy:

1993 A Matter Of Time {Nina Astrom} 1991 44:48 Entertaining Angels {Jimmy A} 1991 Change {Starr Parodi}
1989 38:02 Don't Look Now... ... It's 1988? 51:13 One by One {Compassion All Star Band} 1981 --:-- A New Horizon {Paul Clark} 1978 35:20 Roar Of Love {2nd Chapter of Acts} 1978 41:35 Full Circle {Nedra Ross} 1977 42:36 The Courts Of The King {Keaggy et al} 1976 31:40 Toward Eternity {Matthew Ward} 1975 35:51 In The Volume Of The Book {2nd Chapter of Acts} 1975 33:05 Good to Be Home {Paul Clark and Friends} 1974 33:40 Come Into His Presence {Paul Clark and Friends}



Phil Keaggy started playing at age 10 and public from about age 12, so the oldest possible recording is 1961 and bootleg 1963.

#### 1967? - NEW HUDSON EXIT

New Hudson Exit (about 1967)
Date Records (a Columbia subsidiary)
This album may or may not exist. Proof, anyone?

#### 1970 - GLASS HARP (49:08)

Glass Harp
Glass Harp (1970)
Decca 75261 (reprinted in 1980 as MCA-293) reissued 1993 by LINECA RECORDS as LCCD 9.01253 O

  1. 6:25 Can You See Me (Pecchio, Keaggy)
  2. 4:10 Children's Fantasy (Keaggy)
  3. 6:00 Changes * (Sferra)
  4. 4:00 Village Queen (Pecchio)
  5. 2:50 Black Horse (Sferra)
  6. 3:50 Southbound (Sferra, Keaggy)
  7. 6:30 Whatever Life Demands (Keaggy, Pecchio)
  8. 8:10 Look In The Sky (Keaggy, Sferra, Pecchio)
  9. 5:15 Garden (Keaggy, Sferra, Pecchio)
  10. 2:30 On Our Own (Sferra, Keaggy)

Phil Keaggy: guitars, vocals
Dan Pecchio: bass, flute, vocals
John Sferra: drums, vocals, acoustic guitar

John Cale: electric viola
Larry Fallon: string arrangements

Producer: Lewis Merenstein
Engineer: Ron Johnsen
Recorded at Electric Lady Studios

#### 1971 - SYNERGY (35:22)

Glass Harp
Synergy (1971)
Decca - 75306 (MCA)
reissued 1993 by LINECA RECORDS as LCCD 9.01254 O

  1. 3:40 One Day at A Time (Keaggy)
  2. 3:25 Never Is A Long Time (Pecchio)
  3. 5:05 Just Always (Sferra)
  4. 2:42 Special Friends (Sferra, Keaggy, Pecchio)
  5. 3:31 Coming Home (Pecchio, Sferra)
  6. 4:21 Song Of Hope (Keaggy)
  7. 3:00 Child of the Universe (Pecchio)
  8. 3:59 Mountains (Keaggy)
  9. 2:38 The Answer (Keaggy)
  10. 2:55 Dawn Of A New Day (Keaggy, Pecchio)

Mary Smith: vocal harmony (3)

Phil Keaggy: guitars, vocals (1,4-6,8-10), harmony (3,5,7-8) Dan Pecchio: bass (1-2,4-8,10), vocals (2,4-5,7), harmony (3,5,8,10), flute (7)
John Sferra: drums (1,3-8,10), vocals (2-3), harmony (5-8,10), acoustic guitar (3), tamborine (9)
Ralph McDonald: additional percussion effects (1,3,6-7)

Producer: Lewis Merenstein
Engineer: Ralph Moss
Asst. Engineers: Tom Lubin, Bill Culhane, Gordon Shoad Recorded at Electric Lady Studios

#### 1972 - IT MAKES ME GLAD (35:43)

Glass Harp
It Makes Me Glad (1972)
Decca - 75358 (MCA Records International) reissued 1993 by LINECA RECORDS as LCCD 9.01255 O

  1. 2:12 See Saw (Pecchio)
  2. 3:38 Sailing On A River (Sferra)
  3. 5:45 La De Da (Pecchio)
  4. 3:23 Colt (Sferra)
  5. 4:15 Sea And You (Sferra)
  6. 2:50 David & Goliath (Keaggy)
  7. 2:40 I'm Going Home (Keaggy)
  8. 4:22 Do Lord (Sferra, Keaggy, Pecchio)
  9. 2:35 Song in the Air (Keaggy)
  10. 3:50 Let's Live Together (Sferra, Keaggy, Pecchio)

Producer: Lewis Merenstein
Associate producer: Ralph Moss
Assistant engineer: Dick Shapiro
Recorded at Electric Lady Studios

#### 1973 - WHAT A DAY (37:01)

What A Day (1973)
NewSong - NS001 (LP) NSA-001 (8track) Nissi - EMR 4604 (LP) reissued in 1990 with Love Broke Thru on Myrrh CD 7016915611


  1. 2:54 This Is What The Lord Will Do For You
  2. 2:05 King Of The Jews
  3. 4:17 Walking With Our Lord
  4. 2:44 A Time And A Place
  5. 4:44 Rejoice
  6. 4:49 What A Day
  7. 5:09 Now I Can See
  8. 1:18 Behold All Things Become New {ins}
  9. 4:43 Hallelujah
  10. 3:27 I Will Sing

1 8 9 2 3 4 6 7 5 10

Phil Keaggy: Everything.

Produced and arranged by Phil Keaggy
Co-produced and engineered by Gary Hedden

#### 1976 - LOVE BROKE THRU (39:00)

Love Broke Thru (1976)
NewSong - NS002 (LP)
reissued in 1990 with What A Day on Myrrh CD 7016915611

11. 3:31 Your Love Broke Through *
12. 4:56 Take Me Closer
13. 4:32 As The Ruin Falls {from a poem by C.S. Lewis} 14. 4:16 Wild Horse
15. 2:38 Disappointment {from a poem by Edith Lillian Young} 16. 6:47 Time
17. 2:04 Portrait **
18. 3:43 Just The Same (words w. Buck Herring) 19. 3:15 Things I Will Do
20. 3:33 Abraham (Buck & Anne Herring)

Phil Keaggy: All guitars, vocals
Don Menza: flute
Jim Gordon: drums
Leland Sklar: bass
Larry Knechtel: piano, Fender Rhodes, organ Michael Omartian: Aarpvark
Marshall Cyr, Bill Baker: horns
Keaggy, Hopper and Herring: percussion Myron LeFerve, Matthew Ward, Anne Herring: BGVs

Produced and engineered by Buck Herring Executive producer: Scott Ross
Recorded at Sunwest Studios, Hollywood and Frog Shoes, Burbank

#### 1977 - HOW THE WEST WAS ONE (124:52)

2nd Chapter of Acts, Phil Keaggy, and `a band called David' How The West Was One (1977)
Sparrow (1991 re-issue)- SPD-1295 (double CD) SPC-1295 (double cassette)

Times in the first column are for spoken introductions. Numbers are for the track, not the introduction.

  1. 2:26 Concert Intro
  2. 3:38 Hey Watcha Say
  3. 0:38 3:27 Keep On Shinin'
  4. 1:08 4:43 I Fall In Love/Change
  5. 3:43 Now That I Belong To You
  6. 0:23 Phil's Intro
  7. 0:42 5:56 What A Day
  8. 1:00 3:37 Love Broke Thru
  9. 0:27 5:07 Take Me Closer
  10. 0:07 5:39 My Life
  11. 0:17 5:25 Another Try
  12. 0:07 16:22 Rejoice

Peter York: rhythm guitar (14,18,20), BGVs (18,20) Richard Souther: BGVs (18,20)

2. 0:03 4:08 Just The Same
4. 0:06 5:47 Hallelujah
5. 9:44 Time
7. 1:10 3:45 Easter Song
9. 1:02 3:08 Dance With You
10. 4:44 Which Way The Wind Blows 12. 2:44 3:52 Something Tells Me
13. 3:24 Yaweh
15. 1:46 2:32 Ps 61

 16.       2:43  Grinding Stone
 17.       3:52  Receive

19. 0:30 6:20 Medley: Morning Comes When You Call/Son Comes Over The Hill

Peter York: rhythm guitar (4)

Phil Keaggy: guitar, vocals
Herb Melton: bass
Gene Gunnels: drums
Richard Souther: piano & multi-keyboards 2nd Chapter of Acts (Matthew Ward, Anne Herring, and Nellie Greisen): vocals, BGVs
Anne Herring: piano

Produced by Buck Herring

#### 1977 - EMERGING

Phil Keaggy Band
Emerging (1977)
NewSong - NS004 (LP)

  1. 1:25 Theme (Phil Madeira)

    2:25 Where Is My Maker?

  2. 4:55 Another Try
  3. 3:09 Ryan's Song {based on a poem by Bill Clarke}
  4. 5:43 Struck By The Love (Phil Madeira)
  5. 4:57 Turned On The Light
  6. 4:09 Sorry
  7. 5:16 Take A Look Around
  8. 5:29 Gentle Eyes

Karl Fruh: Cello (3)
Ray Papai: Sax (7)

Phil Keaggy: vocals, lead electric and acoustic guitar Terry Andersen: drums
Dan Cunnigham: bass
Phil Madeira: vocals, piano, Fender Rhodes, Micro & Polymoog synths Lynn Nichols: vocals, electric, acoustic (lead on 4), classical guitar

Produced by Peter K. Hopper with Phil Keaggy Engineered & Mixed by Gary Hedden

#### 1978 - MASTER AND THE MUSICIAN (44:00)

Master And The Musician (1978)
NewSong - NS006 (LP)
Nissi (reissued in 1989 on Myrrh 701-6891-615 (CD) with one extra track)

  1. 2:22 Pilgrim's Flight
  2. 3:26 Agora (The Marketplace)
  3. 0:47 The Castle's Call
  4. 3:20 Wedding In The Country Manor
  5. 5:45 Suite- Of Reflections
  6. 5:13 Golden Halls
  7. 1:18 Mouthpiece
  8. 4:05 Follow Me Up
  9. 0:55 Jungle Pleasures
  10. 3:52 Deep Calls Unto Deep
  11. 7:05 Medley: Evensong-Twighlight-Forever Joy
  12. 1:48 The High And Exalted One
  13. 8:56 Epilogue/Amazing Grace {bonus track on reissue}

Tom Baker: Bass (2)
Nick Kricher: Recorders & oboe (10)
Philip Kimbrough: Recorders (11)
Peter Pfiefer: Percussion (13)
Jim Issacs: Oboe (13)

Phil: classic, electric, and E-bow guitars, bass, Arp bass synthesizer, drums and percussion, voices
Bernadette Keaggy: voices

Tom Fryer: Keyboards (2,5,6,12)
Susan Kricher: Flute (3,4)

Produced and arranged by Phil Keaggy
Engineered by Mal Davis and Garry Hedden Recorded June-August 1978 at Hedden West Studio, Shaumberg, IL

#### 1980 - PH'LIP SIDE (41:40)

Ph'lip Side (1980)
Sparrow - SPR-1036 (LP) SPC-1036 (cassette) Myrrh - 7016945618 (CD) 7016945383 (cassette) 1991 double CD/cassette reissue with Town to Town and Play Thru Me.

(Sparrow release)

  1. 3:55 A Child (In Everyone's Heart)
  2. 4:27 Little Ones
  3. 4:13 Spend My Life With You
  4. 4:00 Just A Moment Away (w. Doug Pinnick)
  5. 4:10 I Belong To You
  6. 5:46 A Royal Commandment
  7. 4:32 Sunday School
  8. 3:28 Send Out Your Light
  9. 5:28 Pulling Down (w. Greg X. Volz)

(CD reissue)
10. 4:01 A Child (In Everyone's Heart) 11. 4:58 Little Ones
12. 5:17 Spend My Life With You
13. 3:27 I Belong To You

 14. 3:31  In Your Keep                         (w. Greg X. Volz)
 1.  4:02  Just A Moment Away                   (w. Doug Pinnick)

2. 4:33 Sunday School
3. 5:49 A Royal Commandment
4. 5:25 Pulling Down (w. Greg X. Volz)

Phil: acoustic & electric guitars, vocals Paul Leim: drums
Leon Gaer: electric synthesised bass
Richard Souther: piano, Rhodes, and synthesizers Alex Acuna: percussion
Dan Collins, Jamie Owens-Collins, Greg X. Volz, Matthew Ward: BGVs

Produced by Dan Collins and Phil Keaggy Engineered by Jack Puig
Recorded at 5 different studios in CA

#### 1981 - TOWN TO TOWN (41:04)

Town To Town (1981)
Sparrow - SPR-1053 (LP) SPC-1053 (cassette) Myrrh - 7016945618 (CD) 7016945383 (cassette) 1991 double CD/cassette reissue with Play Thru Me and Ph'lip Side.


  1. 3:01 Wished You Were Here
  2. 4:15 Full Circle
  3. 4:20 Life Love And You
  4. 6:45 Town To Town
  5. 4:00 What A Wonder You Are *
  6. 3:01 In Between
  7. 5:23 Our Lives **
  8. 4:10 Rise Up O Men Of God (Trad., arr. Keaggy)
  9. 4:50 Let Everything Else Go


  1. 6:49 Town To Town
  2. 4:29 Life Love And You
  3. 4:23 Full Circle
  4. 3:04 Wished You Were There
  5. 4:03 What A Wonder You Are *
  6. 3:04 In Between
  7. 5:28 Our Lives **
  8. 4:13 Rise Up O Men Of God (Trad., arr. Keaggy)
  9. 4:53 Let Everything Else Go

Phil: guitars, bass & vocals
Leon Gaer: bass
Dean Hagen, Jim Delong: drums
Alex Acuna: percussion
Richard Souther: synthesizer
Tom Keene: synthesizer, Fender Rhodes, piano Dan Murdoch: Rhodes piano
Lee Jones: fretless bass
Curt Bartlett: additional guitar

Bruce Hibbar, Michelle Pillar, The Winans, Peter York: BGVs

Produced by Bob Cotton and Phil Keaggy Arranged by Phil Keaggy
Engineered by Bob Cotton
Recorded at Sound Recorders, Kansas City, KS and Paramount Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA

#### 1982 - PLAY THRU ME (44:23)

Play Thru Me (1982)
Sparrow - SPR-1062 (LP) SPC-1062 (cassette) Myrrh - 7016945618 (CD) 7016945383 (cassette) 1991 double CD/cassette reissue with Town to Town and Ph'lip Side.

5. 2:48 Happy
6. 4:41 Carefree
7. 3:39 Nobody's Playgirl Now
8. 4:59 Cherish The Moment
9. 3:35 She Came To Stay
10. 3:11 Papa Song
11. 2:45 The Wall
12. 3:31 Make A Change
13. 3:09 Train To Glory
14. 4:26 Play Thru Me
15. 3:09 His Master's Voice
16. 3:31 Morning Light *

Bernadette and Alica Keaggy (at 16 mths): Vocals (10)

Phil Keaggy: guitars, bass, lead and BGVs Jim DeLong: drums
Smitty Price: keyboards
Michael Fisher: percussion

Handley Hockensmith: bass (5,7)

Produced by Phil Keaggy and Bob Cotton Arranged by Phil Keaggy
Engineered by Bob Cotton and Wally Grant Recorded at Sound Recorders, Kansas City, MO and Weddington Studios, North Hollywood, CA


Private Collection Volume I - Underground (1983) Nissi - EMC 4600 (cassette) ? (LP)

Original song order: 7 1 2 4 5 3 6 8 9 10 11 12 13

See Private Collection listing for details.

#### 1986 - GETTING CLOSER

Getting Closer (1986)
Nissi - EMC 4605 (cassette)

  1. Where Has Our Love Gone
  2. Passport
  3. I Will Be There
  4. Getting Closer
  5. Movie
  6. Sounds
  7. Like An Island
  8. Look Deep Inside
  9. Riverton
  10. Reaching Out

#### 1987 - WAY BACK HOME

Way Back Home (1987)
Pan Pacific Records (due for re-release in 1994)

  1. Way Back Home
  2. Here And Now
  3. A New Star
  4. Maker Of The Universe
  5. Once I Prayed
  6. Let Everything Else Go {different version to "Town To Town"}
  7. Noah's Song
  8. The Reunion {As on "The Wind And The Wheat"}
  9. Olivia
  10. Be In Time
  11. In Every Need

#### 1987 - THE WIND AND THE WHEAT (50:42)

The Wind And The Wheat (1987)
Maranatha! - 7010149673 (CD) 7016959384 (cassette)

  1. 5:25 March Of The Clouds
  2. 5:32 Paradise Dream
  3. 4:32 The Wind And The Wheat
  4. 6:32 Where Travellers Meet
  5. 3:02 From Shore To Shore
  6. 4:21 Prayer
  7. 4:58 The Mission
  8. 4:30 The Promise
  9. 6:00 The Reunion
  10. 5:28 I Love You Lord (L. Klein)

Cheri Anderson: Synthesizers (7)
Dave Spurr: Drums (8)

Phil Keaggy: electric guitars (1-8,10), acoustic guitars (1-5,7-10), bass (4-5,8), electric mini-guitars (5), percussion (5), keyboards (5) Jeffery Lams: keyboards (1,3,8), acoustic piano (4), synthesizers (4,6) Alex Acuna: drums (1,3), percussion (1-3,6,8) Dave Coy: bass (1,2,6), fretless bass (1,3) Harlan Rogers: rhodes piano (2), acoustic piano (6) Smitty Price: synthesizers (2,6)
Ron Tutt: drums (2,6)
Alex MacDougal: percussion (3,4)

Executive Producer: Tom Coomes
Produced by Phil Keaggy, Tom Coomes, and Jeff Lams Enginered by: Jim Scheffler, Eddie Keaggy, Chris Taylor, Phil Keaggy, Tom Coomes, Jeff Lams
Mixed by: Jim Scheffler, Phil Keaggy, Tom Coomes and Chris Taylor CD Mastering by: Bruce Botnick at Digital Magnetics

All tracks on this album are instrumental in an "ambient" style.

#### 1988 - PHIL KEAGGY AND SUNDAY'S CHILD (52:48)

Phil Keaggy And Sunday's Child (1988)
Myrrh - 7016876616 (CD) 7016876381 (cassette) ? (LP)

  1. 3:21 Tell Me How You Feel
  2. 3:57 Sunday's Child (w. R. Stonehill)
  3. 4:50 I Always Do (Mark Heard)
  4. 3:47 I'm Gonna Get You Now (w. Nichols)
  5. 3:56 Blessed Be The Ties (w. Nichols, Taylor)
  6. 3:48 This Could Be The Moment (A. Palladino, Nichols)
  7. 3:29 Ain't Got No (R. & Sandi Stonehill)
  8. 4:05 Somebody Loves You
  9. 4:33 Big Eraser (w. Nichols,L. Demers)
  10. 5:00 Everything Is Alright {not on LP} (Mark Heard)
  11. 3:00 I've Just Begun (Again) (w. Nichols)
  12. 3:37 Walk In Two Worlds (w. R. Stonehill)
  13. 4:50 Talk About Suffering (Trad., arr. Keaggy)

Steve Taylor: hand claps (1)
Rudy Valentine: megaphone (4)
Alwyn Wall: BGVs (8)

Mike Mead: drums (1,3-13)
Rick Cua: bass (2,4,6-13)
Phil Keaggy: vocals, guitars, bass (1,3,5), BGVs (1,6,7,9,11,13), hand claps (1)
James Holihan: guitars
Lenny Castro: percussion (1,2,5-10,13), hand claps (1)

Randy Stonehill: guitars (2), vocals (2,7), BGVs (7) Robbie Buchanan: Hammond B-3 (3,6,7)
Mark Heard: guitars (3), BGVs (6,8,10,13), keyboards (10) Lynn Nichols: guitar (5), BGVs (7,9,11,12) Jimmie Lee Sloas: BGVs (6,13)
Russ Taff: vocals (7), BGVs (7,12)
Derri Daugherty: BGVs (9,11,12)

Produced by L. Arthur Nichols
Mixed by the recording director, Jack Joseph Puig Recorded at Music Grinder and Neverland Studios June 6th-August 15th 1988


Electric Guitar Style {Video}
Music Source International

 March Of The Clouds            Wind & the Wheat
 Passport                       Getting Closer
 Riverton                       Getting Closer
 Sounds                         Getting Closer
 Follow Me Up                   Master & the Musician
 Train To Glory                 Play Thru Me
 Time                           Love Broke Thru
 Sunday School                  Ph'lip Side
 Just A Moment Away             Ph'lip Side
 Full Circle                    Town to Town
 Amazing Grace                  Master & The Musician re-release
 The Wind & the Wheat           The Wind & the Wheat
 Happy                          Play Thru Me
 Paid in Full                   Underground
 I Always Do                    Sunday's Child
 This Could Be The Moment       Sunday's Child
 Tell Me How You Feel           Sunday's Child {video clip}

Usually only an excerpt (the solo) of the song is played.

#### 1990 - FIND ME IN THESE FIELDS (51:10)

Find Me In These Fields (1990)
Myrrh - 7016899616 (CD) 7016899381 (cassette)

  1. 0:19 untitled *
  2. 4:14 Strong Tower
  3. 3:14 Carry On
  4. 0:39 untitled *
  5. 5:39 When The Wild Winds Blow
  6. 4:18 This Side Of Heaven
  7. 3:56 Find Me In These Fields
  8. 6:08 Get Over It
  9. 4:17 Calling You
  10. 2:32 untitled **
  11. 3:37 Gentle And Strong
  12. 3:57 Final Day
  13. 2:08 untitled **
  14. 4:40 Be In My Heart (John Perry)
  15. 1:00 untitled **

** Electric instrumental, direct to disk

David Mullen: BGVs (2)
John Catchings: Cello (7)
BGVs on 10: as below; Charlie Peacock; Elinor Madeira; Kathy, Bianca, and Damann Nichols; Bernadette, Alicia, Olivia, and Ian Keaggy Sam Bush: Fiddle (11)
Steve Taylor: BGVs (11)

Phil Keaggy: guitars, vocals, BGVs (14) Rick Cua: bass
Phil Madeira: Hammond B-3, acoustic piano, BGVs (12,14) Mike Mead: drums and percussion

Lynn Nichols: BGVs (11,12,14)

Produced by L. Arthur Nichols and Phil Keaggy Recorded and mixed by JB
Recorded at Bennet House, Franklin TN

#### 1991 - BEYOND NATURE (60:14)

Beyond Nature (1991)
Myrrh - 7016902617 (CD), 7016902382 (cassette)

  1. 3:52 In The Light Of Common Day
  2. 5:44 County Down {DADGAD tuning +}
  3. 5:44 Symphonic Dance (Greig, Op. 64) (arr. Keaggy)
  4. 4:04 Addison's Walk {DADF#BD tuning +}
  5. 4:48 I Feel The Winds Of God Today (Trad.)
  6. 5:42 Fare Thee Well {Capo, 3rd fret EG#DF#BE tuning +}
  7. 4:24 Fragile Forest {EG#EG#BC# tuning +}
  8. 4:54 Brother Jack {EBDG#BD tuning}
  9. 6:05 As Warm As Tears
  10. 6:29 A Place Of Springs
  11. 4:11 In The Light Of Common Day (Reprise)
  12. 4:08 When Night Falls {+}

+ "Overall tuning varies betweem A440 and one half-step lower"

Stewart Duncan: Fiddle (2)
Marianne Osiel: Oboe (4)
Farrell Morris: Percussion (6)
Kristin Wilkinson: Viola (11)
Eberhard Ramm: French horn (11)
Mike Haynes, George Tidwell: Trumpets (11) Dennis Good: Trombone (11)
Ralph Childs: Tuba (11)

John Catchings: Cello (2,11), Viola (6) Sam Levine: Recorder (5), Woodwinds (6,11), Alto and bass flute (7) Dave Davidson, Chris Teal: Violins (6,11)

Produced by Phil Keaggy and JB
Recorded and mixed by JB
Ensemble arrangements: Don Hart
Recorded at Digital Recorders, Studio D and Javalina Recording Studios, Studio A

All tracks on this album are acoustic instrumental.

#### 1991 - ACOUSTIC GUITAR STYLE (60:00)

Acoustic Guitar Style {Video}
Music Source International - MS1091

County Down
Addison's Walk
Castle Call/Pilgrim's Flight
The Wind And The Wheat
Fare Thee Well
I Love You Lord
Brother Jack
When Night Falls
Fragile Forest

#### 1993 - REVELATOR (40:42)

Revelator (1993)
Myrrh - 7016965619 (CD)

  1. 3:09 Everywhere I Look (Radio Mix)
  2. 4:58 John The Revelator (Radio Mix)
  3. 5:48 Doin' Nothin' (Alternate Take - Swamp Version)

    1:09 untitled {"Celebrate"-ish bit} *

  4. 8:02 John The Revelator (Extended Strat Mix)

    2:30 untitled *

  5. 12:46 The Further Adventures Of... {jam w. John Sferra}
  6. 2:14 Celebrate {outro to "Reunion of Friends"}

Credits as for "Crimson and Blue"

This CD comes with a $2 off coupon for Crimson and Blue.

#### 1993 - CRIMSON AND BLUE (70:03)

Crimson And Blue (1993)
Myrrh - 7016954617 (CD), 7016954382 (cassette)

  1. 5:54 Shouts Of Joy (words: Ray Repp)
  2. 5:38 World Of Mine
  3. 4:26 Everywhere I Look (Madeira)
  4. 2:23 Love Divine
  5. 4:11 Reunion Of Friends
  6. 3:47 All There Is To Know (w. Madeira)
  7. 6:40 When Will I Ever Learn To Live In God (Van Morrison)
  8. 7:01 Stone Eyes (w. Nichols,Madeira)
  9. 6:51 I Will Be There
  10. 3:44 Don't Pass Me By (w. Nichols)
  11. 8:04 John The Revelator (Trad., w. Nichols)
  12. 8:25 Doin' Nothin'
  13. 2:44 Nothing But The Blood (Trad.)

Mink Mead: Percussion & BGVs (3)
Ashley Cleveland: BGVs (7)
John Painter: Mellotron & trumpet (7)
Jimmy A: BGVs (11)

Phil Keaggy: guitars, lead vocals
John Sferra: drums
Wade Jaynes: bass
Phil Madeira: Hammond B-3, keyboards, & BGVs Lynn Nichols: BGVs and guitar

Produced by L. Arthur Nichols
Mixed and engineered by Bill Deaton
Additional engineering by JB
Recorded at the Dugout - Nashville, TN {Summer 92}

#### 1994 - BLUE (65:46)

Blue (1994)
Word/Epic EK 53591

  1. 7:35 Doin' Nothin'
  2. 3:47 Don't Pass Me By (w. L. Nichols)
  3. 5:37 Baby Blue (Pete Ham)
  4. 3:49 All There Is To Know (w. P. Madeira)
  5. 8:02 John The Revelator (trad. w. L. Nichols)
  6. 4:30 World Of Mine
  7. 3:53 Everywhere I Look (P. Madeira)
  8. 12:37 The Further Adventures Of... (jam w. John Sferra)
  9. 3:22 All Our Wishes
  10. 6:39 When Will I Ever Learn To Live In God? (Van Morrison)
  11. 5:54 Shouts Of Joy 5:54 (words: Ray Repp)

Jimmy A.: BGVs (5)
Mink Mead: percussion, BGVs (7)
Bernadette, Alicia and Olivia Keaggy: BGVs (9) Ashley Cleveland: vocals (10)

Phil Keaggy: guitar, lead vocals
John Sferra: drums
Wade Jaynes: bass
Phil Madeira: Hammond B-3, keyboards, BGVs Lynn Nichols: rhythm guitar (5); BGVs

John Painter: Mellotron, trumpet

Sticker on CD jewel case reads "limited edition rock version of crimson and blue featuring 3 new songs plus rock remixes"

### 1994 - WAY BACK HOME ()

Sparrow SPD1459 - 1994

  1. 4:19 Way Back Home
  2. 3:35 A New Star
  3. 4:25 Father-Daughter Harmony (Alicia & Phil Keaggy)
  4. 5:11 It Could Have Been Me (Words: Shelia Walsh)
  5. 4:57 In Every Need (words Samuel Longfellow & Anonymous)
  6. 2:59 She's A Dancer
  7. 4:54 Let Everything Else Go
  8. 3:26 Olivia
  9. 3:14 Once I Prayed (Words: Helen McDowell)
  10. 4:01 Noah's Song
  11. 3:11 Maker Of The Universe (Words: F. W. Pitt)
  12. 4:23 Be In Time (Words: Anon. & Keaggy)
  13. 2:40 Here And Now
  14. 9:19 The 50th (Music arranged & adapted: Keaggy)

Produced and Arranged by Phil Keaggy

Blair Masters: Keyboards (3)
Alicia Keaggy: Vocals (3)
Olivia Keaggy: Additional Harmony (3)
Danny O'Lannerghty: String bass (4)
Allan Bradley: Piano (4)
Ian McKinnell: Cello (8)

Phil Keaggy: Guitars, vocals, electric bass, recorders Alex Acuna: Drums (2,5,10)
Ken Lewis: Drums, percussion (3,4)
Brad Dutz: Percussion (2,10)
David Stone: String bass (5,10)
Jim Isaacs: Oboe, english horn (7,11)
Jon Clarke: Clarinet, soprano sax, oboe (1,10,9) String Section: Pavel Farkus, Gail Cruz, R. F. Peterson, Ken Burwood-Hoy,

John Walls Strings and Woodwinds arrange by Tom Howard

Recorded at Weddington Studio, North Hollywood, CA; Whitefield Studio, Santa Ana, CA; Salt Mine Studio, Nashville, TN; The Dugout, Nashville, TN. Original trackes engineered by: Bob Cotton, Peter Hayden, Thom Roy and Eddie Keaggy.
Remixed and engineered by: The Incredible Russ Long Second Engineer: Martin Woodlee
Mastered by: ken Love at Mastermix
Art direction: Karen Philpott
Design: Sara Remke
Photography: Ben Pearson


All of the Private Collection volumes are currently only available as cassettes to club members.
Track times for Private Collection tapes are correct to within 5 seconds or so - I hand timed them while updating the list.

#### 1983 - VOLUME I - UNDERGROUND (50:19)

Private Collection Volume I - Underground (1983) 1991 remastered cassette:

  1. 3:42 The Ransom {Eins}
  2. 3:29 Deadline {E}
  3. 3:38 I Know Someone {E}
  4. 3:35 Think About It {E}
  5. 4:25 One In A Million {E}
  6. 3:52 A Glorious Sunset {Ains}
  7. 3:40 What A Love {E}
  8. 4:52 The Two Of You {A}
  9. 4:13 Paid In Full {Eins}
  10. 3:26 What You Are Inside {A+E}
  11. 3:14 Follow Me On {EIns}
  12. 5:11 The Survivor {A+E}
  13. 3:02 When I Say I Love You {A}

Phil Keaggy: Guitars, drum programming, percussion, bass, keyboards, vocals.

Produced, recorded and mixed by Phil Keaggy.

Songs written autumn 1982-spring 1983.

#### 1989 - VOLUME II (59:30)

Private Collection Volume II (c. 1989)

  1. 3:39 Take Courage {E}
  2. 2:36 Growing Tree In Motion {Eins}
  3. 2:17 Salvation Army Band {E}
  4. 4:05 What Wondrous Love Is This {A} (Trad., arr Keaggy)
  5. 3:12 The Great Escape {Eins}
  6. 4:08 Breaking Away {E}
  7. 3:50 Welcome Home {A}
  8. 4:33 The Lion And The Lamb {Eins}
  9. 4:48 Jesus Loves The Church {E} (words by Shelia Walsh)
  10. 3:20 Gentle And Strong (Ian's Song) {E} *
  11. 6:45 Get Over It {E} *
  12. 2:45 You're Good To Me {E} (w. Peter York)
  13. 3:55 When Love Came In The Back Door {A} (words by Mark Maxwell)
  14. 3:32 In Good Time {A}
  15. 6:05 Not So Long Ago {Eins}

Phil Keaggy: Guitars, drum programming, percussion, bass, keyboards, and vocals.

Jeffery Lams: Keyboards (8)
Peter York: Guitar (12)

Songs written during 1980-88.

#### 1991 - VOLUME III (71:19)

Private Collection Volume III (1991)

  1. 4:13 Arrow {E}
  2. 4:40 Gonna Keep My Mind Stayed On You {E}
  3. 2:30 You Can Make It {E (new-wave style)}
  4. 4:14 The Good News {A ("Play Thru Me" era)}
  5. 4:18 He Loves Me {A} (w. Alicia)
  6. 3:20 Psalm 56 {A+Ebow}
  7. 4:03 Stigotit {Eins "still got it"}
  8. 3:08 Down To The Wire {E}
  9. 4:07 Misinformed Man {E}
  10. 3:09 Lovely Jesus {A}
  11. 3:35 Taste And See {A} (w. Peter York)
  12. 2:55 She's A.O.K. With Me {A; for Olivia Ann}
  13. 5:12 D.E.B.R.A. {A+E} (music: H.H.)
  14. 3:25 The Love I Long To Hold {E}
  15. 3:51 Montana {Eins}
  16. 11:33 Late One Night {Electric jam w. Madeira, Spurr}
  17. 3:14 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot {Ains}

Phil: Guitars, drum programming, percussion, bass, keyboards & vocals.

Dave Spurr: Linn drum machine (1), drums (16) Alica Marguerite: vocals (5, at age four), (10, at age six) Handley Hockensmith: bass, rhythm guitar, & drum program, & music (13) Phil Madeira: keyboards (16), National steel slide guitar (17)

Songs written in late 70s and 80s.

#### 1993 - VOLUME IV

Private Collection Volume IV (1993)

Like An Island
Little School Girl
Jesus Is The Sunshine On My Face
A New Star
Take You Home
When I Consider
March Of The Clouds Medley
We Three Kings
Our Lives
Spirit Bus
Beyond The Screen
Year After Year
Totally Yours
Endless Life
Excerpt from Buckets of Water

E-bow work and demos supposedly feature heavily in this tape.

#### 1993 - CRIMSON/BLUE RADIO SPECIALS (115:55)

Two disks containing an interview with Phil with extended musical interludes from "Crimson And Blue" and "Revelator".


Not his albums, but you know he's there...

This is a list of albums that Phil Keaggy has a substantial presence on, but are not really Phil's albums.

#### 1974 - COME INTO HIS PRESENCE (33:40)

Paul Clark and Friends
Come Into His Presence (1974)
subtitled "Songs From the Savior Volume Three" Sonrise Mercantile Company SMC 007 (LP)

  1. 1:22 Listen Closely
  2. 5:33 Come Into His Presence
  3. 3:07 With You Forever
  4. 4:41 Latter Rain
  5. 3:05 Land Of Peace
  6. 4:26 He'll Do the Same
  7. 1:45 A New Man's Song
  8. 2:56 Here By My Side
  9. 4:10 Song of Love
  10. 2:35 Believe and Receive

Paul Clark: acoustic guitar, piano, lead vocal Jay Truax: bass, oboe, vocals
Phil Keaggy: electric & acoustic guitar, vocals John Mehler: percussion, vibes
Bill Speer: piano, vocals
Mike Burhart: mandolin, acoustic guitar, vocals

"Gentle Jim" Ford: Engineer
Norm Friant: Jacket design

Stew Langer: organ

Recorded at Producer's Workshop, Oklahoma City

#### 1975 - GOOD TO BE HOME (33:05)

Paul Clark and Friends
Good To Be Home (1975)
Seed Records S-1001 (LP)

  1. 2:30 Holding On To You (Clark, Keaggy)
  2. 4:11 Which One Are You?
  3. 3:51 All Your Ways
  4. 6:42 Unveiling
  5. 3:15 For My Children
  6. 3:25 It's All Waiting
  7. 2:51 Good To Be Home
  8. 3:15 Under His Grace
  9. 3:05 Abide

Sandy Dryden: BGVs (8)

Paul Clark: acoustic guitar, piano & vocals Phil Keaggy: guitars & vocals
Jay Truax: bass & vocals
John Mehler: percussion
Bill Speer: piano & vocals

Produced and arranged by Paul Clark and Phil Keaggy.

Bobby Cotton: Engineer
Gary Pycior: Cover Illustration
Ted Stone: Cover Design
Eben Fowler: Photography

Lanny Hansen: percussion
Barry Kelsey: flute & sax
Stew Langer: organ

#### 1975 - IN THE VOLUME OF THE BOOK (35:51)

2nd Chapter of Acts
In The Volume Of The Book (1975)
Myrrh MSA 6542 (LP)

  1. 0:54 Start Every Day With A Smile
  2. 3:07 Yaweh
  3. 3:29 Something Tells Me
  4. 1:56 The Grey Song
  5. 4:04 Now That I Belong To You
  6. 1:51 Ps. 63
  7. 2:51 Prince Song
  8. 3:10 Morning Comes When You Call
  9. 2:30 Borrowed Time
  10. 3:08 Last Day Of My Life
  11. 3:20 Hey, Whatcha Say
  12. 3:13 Keep on Shinin'
  13. 2:18 I Can't Get Near You

Anne Herring: percussion, vocals, BGVs, piano Matthew Ward, Nelly Ward: vocals, BGVs David Hungate, Emery Gordy, Michael Been: bass David Kemper: drums
Michael Omartian: percussion, piano, organ, aarpvark Danny Timms: organ
Phil Keaggy: guitars (and solos)
Jay Graydon, Larry Rolando: guitars

Produced by Buck Herring

#### 1976 - TOWARD ETERNITY (31:40) {released 1979}

Matthew Ward
Toward Eternity (1976-1979)
(reissued 1989 on CD as Benson 84418-2890-2)

  1. 2:34 It's All Right (Anne Herring)
  2. 3:42 Soft Spot (Anne Herring)
  3. 3:56 Noah's Song (Keaggy)
  4. 2:28 Till The Walls Fall Down (Keith Green, Ward, Keaggy)
  5. 3:23 Gotta Do Better Than This (Keith Green)
  6. 4:07 Your Love Came Over Me (Keith Green, Todd Fishkind)
  7. 3:10 Hold On (M. Omartian, Buck & Anne Herring)
  8. 2:26 Angels Unaware (Ward, Anne Herring)
  9. 3:36 Summer Snow (Keith & Melody Green)
  10. 2:18 The Vineyard (Anne Herring)

Keith Green: piano (9)

Matthew Ward: vocals and vocal arrangements Abraham Laboriel: bass (1-5,8)
Scotty Edwards: bass (6,7)
David Kemper: drums (1-8)
Phil Keaggy: guitars (1-8)
Jay Graydon & Ray Parker, Jr.: guitars (6,7) Tom Keene: piano (1-4,8,10), string arrangement (2,3,9) Michael Omartian: percussion (1,5), synthesizer (2,3,5), killer bees (4), piano (6), Fender Rhodes (7), horn arrangement (7)

Produced & Engineered by Buck Herring

Recorded at Buckskin Studios, Northridge, CA & Sunwest Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA
Special Thanks to "Three Fingered Pete At The Copa"

#### 1977 - THE COURTS OF THE KING (42:36)

The Courts of the King (1977)
The Worship Music of Ted Sandquist as performed by Phil Keaggy, Nedra Ross, Ted Sandquist and Love Inn Company New Song NS-003 (LP)

  1. 3:40 O Come Let Us Worship
  2. 4:30 At The Mention Of Your Name
  3. 2:46 Your Steadfast Love
  4. 4:32 Lion Of Judah
  5. 5:50 Love of My Lord/Redwood Tree
  6. 3:30 Come To The Courts Of The King
  7. 3:58 Come To Me
  8. 2:43 My Sun And My Shield
  9. 1:26 Selah {ins, 7x overdub acoustic guitars} (Keaggy)
  10. 2:28 Waiting For The Lord
  11. 2:55 Prayer For The Kingdom
  12. 4:18 All That I Can Do

Peter Hopper: Percussion (6)
Julie Reeve: Flute (7)
Bob Schiff: String arrangements (8)

Nina Lee Hopper: vocals (2), BGVs (5)
Nedra Ross: vocals (5,8,12), BGVs (5)
Mary Hamilton: vocals (3,10,12), BGVs (5) Ted Sandquist: vocals (5,6,11)
Phil Keaggy: vocals (2,3,6,10, acoustic guitar (1,3,5,6,7,10), 12-string (4), electric guitar (2,12), tambourines (1), lutes (3), dulcimer and percussion (4), autoharp (12)
Lynn Nichols: acoustic guitar (1,2,4,5,6,7,10) Phil Madeira: keyboards, piano, vocals (7) Terry Andersen: drums, percussion, tympani, vocals (12) Dan Cunningham: bass
Love Inn Company: vocals (1,4), BGVs

Arranged by Phil Keaggy
Produced by Peter K. Hopper
Executive Producer: Scott Ross

Recorded at Pyramid Sound Studio, Ithaca, NY Engineer: Alex Perialas
Mixed at Hedden West Recording Studios Mastered at The Diskwerks, Schaumburg, IL, by Gary Hedden String contractor: Bob Schiff
Cover design: Claude Schuyler
Layout: Stuart Scadron-Wattles

#### 1978 - FULL CIRCLE (41:35)

Nedra Ross
Full Circle (1978)
New Song NS-005 (LP)

  1. 4:44 Full Circle (Keaggy)
  2. 4:53 You Write the Songs (Ted Sandquist)
  3. 4:18 Without Him (Ted Sandquist)
  4. 2:55 I Don't Want To Fall Away from You (Keith Green)
  5. 3:48 Sunrise To Sunset (Keaggy)
  6. 4:46 Gonna Keep My Mind (Stayed On You) (Keaggy)
  7. 4:07 Unchanging Love For You (Phil & Bernadette Keaggy)
  8. 4:00 With Every Bit Of Strength (Ted Sandquist)
  9. 3:41 I Know I Love You (Ted Sandquist)
  10. 4:23 Lean On Me (Ted Sandquist)

Nedra Ross: vocals, finger poppin', BGVs Phil Keaggy: guitars & mandolin, BGVs
Bobbie Thomas: steel guitar
Bobby Schiff: keyboards, strings & horns Dennis Johnson: bass
Tommy Radtke: percussion & syntom
Tom Pabich: percussion
Doug Bonin, Bonnie Booko, Bernadette Keaggy: BGVs

Vocal Arrangements: Phil Keaggy, Bobby Schiff

Producer: Scott Ross
Engineers: Mal Davis, Gary Hedden
Remixing: Gary Hedden

#### 1978 - ROAR OF LOVE (35:20) {released 1980}

2nd Chapter Of Acts
Roar Of Love (1978-1980)
Sparrow - 1991 CD re-release SPD 1291

  1. Are You Goin' To Narnia
  2. Lucy's Long Gone
  3. Tell The Truth
  4. Turkish Delight
  5. Son of Adam/Daughter of Eve
  6. Christmas Where Are You
  7. Gifts From Father Christmas
  8. Aslan Is Killed
  9. The Roar Of Love
  10. I've Heard The Stars Sing Before
  11. He's Broken Thru
  12. Witch's Demise/Get It Into Your Head
  13. Something Is Happening To Me
  14. White Stag

Jay Graydon: guitars
Phil Keaggy: guitars (and guitar solos) David Kemper: drums
Leyland Sklar: bass
Michael Omartian: keyboards and synthesizers 2nd Chapter Of Acts: vocals, crystal glasses, whistle

Produced by Buck Herring

#### 1988? - ONE BY ONE (51:13)

Compassion All Star Band
One by One (1988 or 1989)
Sparrow - SPD-1216 (CD) SPC-1216 (cassette)

  1. 0:11 Intro
  2. 3:06 Defender (Dave Perkins, Randy Stonehill)
  3. 4:07 You Can't Stand Too Tall (Rick Cua)
  4. 7:06 Sacred Fire
  5. 4:54 Silent Night
  6. 3:58 Christmas Must Be Tonight
  7. 3:31 Find Me
  8. 4:18 Yeild To The Spirit
  9. 3:35 Ain't Got No (Randy and Sandi Stonehill)
  10. 6:12 Crossroads
  11. 5:11 Rap
  12. 5:04 Who Will Save The Children

Rick Cua: bass, vocals
Mike Mead: drums, percussion
Phil Keaggy: guitar, vocals
Joe English: drums, percussion, vocals Margaret Becker: guitar, vocals
Randy Stonehill: guitar, vocals
John Andrew Schreiner: keyboards, vocals


Phil & John
Don't Look Now... ...It's The Hallelujah Brothers (1989) Word - WHAD 1259 (CD) ? (cassette)

  1. 4:41 Young At Heart
  2. 3:49 Feels Like The Summer
  3. 3:30 (What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love And Understanding? (Nick Lowe)
  4. 2:27 Keep Me In Your Love
  5. 3:13 The Old And The Wise
  6. 3:00 Gabriel's Sitting In
  7. 3:16 Please Tell Me Why
  8. 4:39 Heart's On Fire
  9. 2:46 This Boy
  10. 4:19 Califoria Dreamers
  11. 2:59 Fool's Wisdom (Malcolm Wild/Alwyn Wall)

John Hammer: Wurlitzer electric piano (5), sound effects (5) Alwyn Wall: Vocals (11)

Phil Baggaley: Vocals, guitar
John Hartley: Vocals, guitar
Mark Heard: electric guitar (1,3-4,7,9), acoustic guitar (2) Phil Keaggy: acoustic guitar (1), electric guitar (7), guitar intro (8) Lynn Nichols: acoustic guitar (1-2,4-6,8), twelve-string (2-3,9), mandolin (2), electric (3-5,8,9), BGVs (4,7), twelve string electric (7) Glen Holmen: guitaronne (1), electric bass (2-4,7,9) Dennis Holt: drums (1-4,7,9-10)
Robbie Buchanan: harpsichord (1), piano (9-10) S. Hall: handclaps (1,9)
Teri Bryant: percussion (2,4-5,7-9), trap set (6) Steve Lindsay: harmonium (2,5), Mellotron (7) Martin Klute: upright bass (5-6,8,10)
David Plews: trumpet (9-10), flugelhorn (9)

#### 1991 - CHANGE

Starr Parodi
Change (1991)

Something of Value
Serengeti Trail

Phil plays on all the above tracks.

#### 1991 - ENTERTAINING ANGELS (44:48)

Jimmy A (Jim Abegg)
Entertaining Angels (1991)
Sparrow - SPD-1279 (CD) SPC-1279 (cassette)

  1. 4:41 Touch Of Love
  2. 4:09 Come Children Come
  3. 4:39 If I Give In
  4. 5:16 Everything Changes
  5. 4:36 Thin But Strong Cord
  6. 4:09 The Passion Of Creation
  7. 3:52 I'll Meet You In Heaven
  8. 4:12 Contemplate The Emptiness
  9. 4:24 Entertaining Angels {ins}
  10. 4:19 Isaiah 60

Jimmy A: guitars, vocals, bass
Vince Ebo: vocals
Aaron Smith: drums
Byron House: bass
Phil Keaggy: bass
Phil Madeira: Hammond B-3, additional keyboards, vibes and harmonica Vicki Hampton: vocals
Mike Radovosky: drums
Charlie Peacock: rhythm sequencing, Fender Rhodes, vocals

Produced by Jimmy A and Charlie Peacock Executive Producer: Charlie Peacock
Recorded at Kaleidoscope Sound, Bellvue, TN

#### 1993 - A MATTER OF TIME

Nina Astrom {ring on A, two dots over o} A Matter of Time (1993)
Nelson Word Ltd. - ? (CD) ? (cassette)

  1. 4:40 From Heaven's Sky
  2. 3:43 Don't Close Your Eyes
  3. 4:45 Weathertalk
  4. 3:30 Be Sure
  5. 4:30 It's A Mystery
  6. 3:45 The Letter
  7. 4:51 A Matter Of Time
  8. 5:26 There's A Light
  9. 4:06 Life's No Game
  10. 4:04 Surrender
  11. 4:02 A Different Tune
  12. 3:58 Greenish
  13. 4:16 Boarding Time

Nina Astrom: Vocals
Buddy Miller: BGV (1,8), Acoustic guitar (1,3,8), Electric guitar (5,8) Julie Miller: BGV (1,2,8)
Phil Keaggy: Acoustic guitar (2), BGV (8), Electric guitar (9,11) Wes King: BGV (4)
Don Heffington: Percussion (1,3,5,8), Drums (6,8,9,11) Danny O'Lannerghty: Bass (1,5,6,7,8,9,13), Bowed upright bass (2), Upright bass (3,4,11)
John Schreiner: Piano (1,2,3,4,8,10,12,13), Accordian (1,3,5,12), Keyboard (5,6,7,9,11), Bass (10)
Jim Hoke: Recoder (1), Tin whistle (3), Soprano sax (6) Tammy Rogers: Violin (2,10), Fiddle (3), Viola (10), Cello (10) Dan Posthuma: BGV (8)
Buddy Greene: Harmonica (9,11)

Produced by Buddy Miller, Gerrit aan't Goor, Nina Astrom Recorded and mixed by Buddy Miller at Dogtown Sudios, Nashville, Tennessee, October 1993
All songs except 'There's a Light' written by Nina Astrom and Gerrit aan't Goor and published by Crossbow Music Holland. 'There's a Light' written by Nina Astrom.
Phil Keaggy, thanks for the moments we were living in the 'same country'. Special thanks to Buddy & Julie Miller, Phil Keaggy, .... "Your skills were great, your attitudes even greater!"


Just what the section title says.

#### 1977 - SONG IN THE AIR (33:21)

Phil Keaggy with Glass Harp
Song in the Air (1977)
StarSong - SSR-0005 (LP)

  1. 2:35 Song In The Air
  2. 6:25 Can You See Me
  3. 3:40 One Day At A Time
  4. 4:21 Song Of Hope
  5. 2:38 The Answer
  6. 2:50 David & Goliath
  7. 2:40 I'm Going Home
  8. 4:22 Do Lord
  9. 3:50 Let's Live Together

#### 1987 - PRIME CUTS (42:55)

Prime Cuts (1987 UK release)
Myrrh - MYRCD 1245 (CD)

  1. 4:15 Full Circle
  2. 4:25 Play Thru Me
  3. 3:11 Train To Glory
  4. 5:00 I Will Be There
  5. 4:59 Movie
  6. 6:05 Sounds
  7. 2:44 The Wall
  8. 4:39 Carefree
  9. 2:47 Happy
  10. 4:50 Let Everything Else Go

#### 1989 - THE BEST OF KEAGGY (51:39)

The Best of Keaggy/The Early Years 1973-1978 (1989) Nissi Records - 7900790063 (CD)

  1. 4:50 What A Day
  2. 2:54 This Is What The Lord Will Do For You
  3. 6:37 Time
  4. 3:43 Just The Same
  5. 3:30 Love Broke Thru
  6. 5:15 Theme - Where Is My Maker
  7. 4:57 Turned On The Light
  8. 2:22 Pilgrim's Flight
  9. 3:26 Agora (The Marketplace)
  10. 0:47 The Castle's Call
  11. 1:18 Mouthpiece
  12. 4:05 Follow Me Up
  13. 0:55 Jungle Pleasures

#### 1992 - THE BOOT COLLECTION 1970-1991

The Boot Collection 1970-1991 (c. 1992) Cassette only. Available only through the club.

Tell Me How You Feel
A Children's Fantasy {Glass Harp (1970)} I've Just Begun
Now I Can See
Time {unreleased 1975 version}
A Child In Everyone's Heart
Let Everything Else Go
Sounds {Getting Closer (1986)}
March Of The Clouds
I Always Do
Strong Tower
County Down
When The Wild Winds Blow


Samplers, one-track wonders, whatever. This section is in no particular order, although it might _look_ like alphabetical by last name of artist.


Mark Aubrey ( Robert Cote (
Rafy Marootians ( Stephen E. McGinnis (as298@cleveland.Freenet.Edu) Bob Taylor ( Peter Thompson (

Michael Card * The Word
-. ?

Bruce Carroll * The Great Exchange

  1. 4:34 Living In The Pages {electric solo}

Paul Clark * Aim for the Heart
-. ? {guitar}

Bryan Duncan * Holy Rollin' (c. 1986)
8. Your Everlasting Love {guitar solo}

Amy Grant * Home For Christmas
-. O Come All Ye Faithful {guitars}

MARANATHA! * Praise Beyond Words - A Colours Collection -.

MARANATHA! * Reflection: A Colours Sampler 3 -.

MARNATHA! * Spectrum - The Colours Sampler (1985) -. 5:20 I Love You Lord {guitars}

David Mullen * Faded Blues (1989)
2. 5:14 After the Hurricane {Slide electric, track-end solo}

Michael Omartian * Seasons of the Soul -. Think About Where I Been {electric guitar, solo} -. Seasons of the Soul {acoustic guitar}

One Bad Pig * Swine Flew
-. 4:36 Desperation {solo}

SNR * The Rock Revival - Feeling The Spirit Vol. 1 -.

SPARROW * 50 Songs Of Christmas

Randy Stonehill * Can't Buy A Miracle (1988) 2. 3:04 Don't Break Down {BGVs}

Randy Stonehill * Celebrate This Heartbeat -. Who Will Save The Children? {vocals, guitar}

Randy Stonehill * Return To Paradise (1989) 3. 4:10 I Don't Ever Want To Live Without You {classical guitar} 9. 4:20 Love Tells No Lies {12 string guitar}

Various * At The Foot Of The Cross Vol 1. - Clouds, Rain, Fire (1992) 2. 3:19 Round About You {vocal, acoustic guitar} (S. Hindalong)

Various * Strong Hand Of Love {Mark Heard Tribute} (1994) -. I Always Do {off the Sunday's Child album}

Greg X. Volz * The River Is Rising (1986) 9. 5:05 Hold On To The Fire {guitar solo}

WORD * Our Christmas
-. 3:41 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen {with Kim Hill}

WORD * Our Hymns

WORD * Our Family (1993)
-. The Greatest Discovery

WORD * WAL Paper Sampler - Summer '93
-. Doin' Nothin'


Published and other opinions on Phil's albums and concerts. Feel free to write and send your own.

[E.1] NET.*

Concert and album reviews by net.people.

PHIL KEAGGY AND GLASS HARP (10th,11th Apr 1981)

The surprise "old" Glass Harp reunion concerts. Daren writes: "Wished You Were There" on the "Town To Town" album is about the surprise Glass Harp reunion concerts given on Friday April 10, 1981 at Cleveland Masonic Auditorium and the next night at Akron Civic Theatre. In the song, Phil alternates between wistful nostalgia and annoyance at not being mentioned by Anastasia Pantansios*, the music beat reporter at the time for the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper. Glass Harp was not announced beforehand, and never played again. Rumors even circulated that the trio had reunited illegally (since Pecchio and Sferra were still active in Northeast Ohio bands at the time). Clearly, among the best $5 I have ever spent: among the 8 Keaggy shows I have seen since 1980, this was the most inspired, rockingest Keaggy ever seen. His albums, until "Sunday's Child," never approached the fire of that night.

Daren McClearnon (


Last night in Marshall, Texas, Phil Keaggy and Glass Harp played before a crowd of about 8-900 people. Although Phil and the band were apologetic for the sound problems that were caused by lack of set up time due to American Airlines flight delays, they managed to put on quite a show. They started off with "Tell Me How You Feel" and continued with several songs from Crimson and Blue. Needless to say, Phil's guitar solos electrified the crowd often. Phil Madeira led the group in a couple of his songs before Keaggy played a prolonged solo acoustic set. Some of the song's included Morning Light, Storm Tower, Love Broke Through, Find Me in These Fields and several others. The crowd sat awestruck as Phil played an absolutely unbelievable version of "County Down" from the instrumental disc Beyond Nature. Phil was thanked by a thunderous standing ovation at the conclusion of that song. The rest of the band then came out and they finished up with a few more songs from C&B.

A reader of r.m.c. posted last month a review of a Keaggy concert and mentioned that Phil and the group seemed tired, warn out and perhaps a bit depressed. This is the first concert I've seen that featured Phil as the main or only act, so I am not familiar with his normal habits. I will say that the music and messages seemed quite inspired, but Phil did mention a few things that would lead me to believe that he is somewhat tired of touring. He mentioned how hard it was on the group physically and emotionally and that his better years seemed to be behind him and didn't know how long he could keep it up. He also mentioned that the tour being so hard on them might be God telling them, or him, that it might be time to move on to something different. Sometimes he seemed a little down, but I couldn't tell if it was because the sound problems had him a little agitated or if it was caused by some other reason.

It is quite an inspiration to see a person with so much talent use it so fully for the Lord. His music means a great deal to many people and I know the Lord will be with him whatever his decisions are. We'll keep praying for him.

Jack Hellings (


This section contains reviews that appeared in the pages of Cornerstone Magazine, a publication associated with Jesus People USA. The text was typed by Mark Aubrey; the permission for reproduction was obtained by Mark Aubrey via Nanci Mortimer. My thanks to them both.

Record Review
From _Cornerstone_ magazine vol.5, iss. 33, page 6

Love Broke Through
New Song NS 002
Phil Keaggy

"Love Broke Through," Phil Keaggy's second album for New Song Records, is the product of a collaboration between Phil, Michael O'Martian, and Buck Herring. This album bears the unmistakeable sound of Herring's production and O'Martians's arrangements. In contrast to Keaggy's first album on which he played and sang all the parts, on this one he is expertly backed up by a solid crew of muscicans including Jim Gordon on drums, Leland Sklar on bass, and O'Martian on synthesizer.

The production on this album gives it a completely different type of sound than Keaggy's other, "What a Day," which was mostly acoustic guitar numbers. Most of these new cuts are more electric guitar with synthesizer, brass, strings, etc. It's a much fuller, sophisticated album. The best cuts, in our opinion, are "Time," "Wild Horse," and "Just the Same." "Time" included a long jam on the end that is probably the most exciting guitar the Keaggy plays on this album.

For those who have followed him from Glass Harp days, it may still seem a little subdued, but then, God willing, Phil has a long musical future ahead of him, and only God knows what he will produce.

Record Review
from _Cornerstone_ magazine 4th year, No. 26, page 10

Paul Clark and Friends - _Good to Be Home_

This is a special treat for those who like Paul Clark's music. The new album has been completed and by the time you read this, has probably been released to the stores.

The Friends are Phil Keaggy, Jay Truax, Bill Speer, and John Mehler. This is the same list that appeared on the last Paul Clark and Friends album minus Mike Burhart. Phil Keaggy seems to be getting around a lot these days. By virtue of the fine guitar playing he has done on several top Christian albums, he is building a reputation as one of the most talented Christian musicians. His musical contributions to _Good to Be Home_ are a vivid reason for that reputation.

For those who are familiar with Paul Clark's albums, the cuts on side two are indicative of Paul's normal style. On side one, however, he has written some heavier tunes, giving Keaggy a free hand to cut loose on guitar. That is exactly what he does, producing some excellent guitar solos. The last cut on side one breaks in to an extended instrumental jam that spotlights Keaggy's easily recognizable style.

Although Paul still takes great care to insure that the Gospel message is crystal clear, it is a blessing to see him broadening his musical horizons. It is also nice to see Phil Keaggy returning to a now more mature version of the weightier electric music he formerly exhibited while with Glass Harp.

from _Cornerstone_ magazine 4th year, no. 22, pages 12 & 13

Interview with Wing & A Prayer formerly Lovesong (a portion of the interview)

Cornerstone: It was an interesting thing when you two guys (Jay Truax and John Mehler) and Phil Keaggy popped up on Paul Clark's album. That was new for Christian music, seeing a circle of talented musicians who are actually professing Christians. Did you enjoy working with Paul Clark and Phil Keaggy?

John: I enjoyed it very much. It was the best time I ever had recording an album. It was in a brand new studio in Oklahoma City. We did all the tracks for the songs in two days. We rehearsed the songs three or four times. That was the most anointed time I've ever had in a studio. Everything just went together. We were just praising God, it was heavy. We were in an attitude of prayer, just praising our Lord. The fellowship was easygoing, flowing. No one was getting on your case for playing rock and roll.

Record Review
from _Cornerstone_ magazine vol. 6, issue 41, pages 8&9

SONG IN THE AIR - Starsong - SSR-0005
EMERGING - Phil Keaggy Band - New Song - NS004

_Song In The Air_ is a re-release of selected songs from three albums Phil did while with the group Glass Harp. The songs aren't dated, as much of the 60's music is; rather, one is amazed at the incredible skill Keaggy exhibits, doing things with an electric guitar that don't seem possible.

With _Emerging_, Phil has opted for a jazz-rock sound, much mellower than Glass Harp. The music was not recorded with "Sound on Sound" or overdubbing, but with the aim of capturing a live, spontaneous concert. The lyrics reflect a mature Christian, one who has learned much at the hands of the master Teacher.

Both albums are extremely enjoyable, and edifying. Best songs on _Song In The Air_ are "Can You See Me," and the "The Answer." Best cuts on _Emerging_ are "Where Is My Maker?" and a contribution by Phil Madeira, "Struck By The Love."

Record Review
from _Cornerstone_ magazine vol. 10, no. 58, page 40. (John Trott)

Phil Keaggy
SPR 1053

One of Jesus music's finest musicians, Phil Keaggy with _Town to Town_ creates a beautiful and joyful celebration. From the opening cut, dedicated to Phil's early seventies group, Glass Harp, to "Let Everything Else Go" the final and present-day oriented tunes, Phil looks back at his years in music.

Guitar work is, in all its subtle complexity, extraordinary, while solid production was shared between the artist and Bob Cotton. Music styles range from fairly heavy rock to MOR, but settles in around a happy medium. "Full Circle," for instance previously done by Nedra Ross, comes full awake with snappy guitar work and melodic syncopation a la Keaggy.

The finest cut on _Town to Town_ is the Keaggy version of the classic hymn "Rise Up, O Men of God." Awesome in its lyrical depth (yet simplicity), the hymn is the musical and spiritual peak of the entire disc.

_Town to Town_... another landmark in the life of a man who's dedicated a considerable talent to God.

Record review
from _Cornerstone_ magazine, Vol. 3, No. 19, page 8.

These two albums, _Come Into His Presence_ by Paul Clark and Friends, and _Final Touch_ by Love Song are typical examples of a new trend in contemporary Christian music, of which these two groups are main influences. Both adhere basically to a soft, melodic style with lots of piano, acoustic guitar, and full chorus-like vocal harmony tracks. Interestingly, Love Song's _Final Touch_ was produced a year ago, and will be their final touch since they have broken up. Their split, however, opened the door for Jay Truax and John Mehler (Love Song's bass player and drummer respectively) to appear as two of the "friends" on _Come Into His Presence,_ along with Phil Keaggy, Bill Speer, and Mike Burhart. Both albums are logical upward steps for the artists, so if you liked _Songs from the Saviour I and II_ and _Love Song_, then you should love the two new ones.

_Come Into His Presence_ shows the unmistakable influence of expert guitarist Phil Keaggy, although all the tunes were written by Paul Clark. Keaggy's brilliance and impact on electric guitar are exhibited in his meticulous technical style and artistic restraint. He shows what he can do but is tasty enough - or maybe too much - to leave the listener wanting more. Most of the songs have pretty melodies built around fingerpicking acoustic guitar lines, full swelling vocal harmonies, with keyboards, electric guitar and rhythm section, usually in the background. The mixing, though, is very good. It is exactly what the music calls for and achieves the desired effect. The two best cuts, in our opinion, are the title song, "Come Into His Presence," and "He'll Do the Same," the only real rocker on the album.

The lyrics are mainly an expression of worship to the Lord along with Clark's own experiences in spiritual growth and all of them very edifying. Our only beef is that Paul seems so intent on getting his message across exactly the way he wants it, that he sometimes puts in too many words. The most notable example is _Land of Peace,_ where the words sound jammed and the phrasing is awkward. The album, though, is well put together and enjoyable listening.

On the other had, the lyric arrangement of _Final Touch_ is one of its stronger points. Chuck Girard, who penned most of the songs, has a knack for beautiful lyrics and phrasing. _Final Touch_ is a work of mixing art in places (especially "Living Water"), and overall the production is excellent. The album is enhanced by John Mehler's solid drumming and some nice steel and slide guitar work by Al Perkins on "Cossack Song," "Since I Opened Up the Door," and "Book of Life." There are some beautiful, edifying songs on _Final Touch,_ but our favorites are, naturally, "Cossack Song" (cheap rock 'n roll) and "Since I Opened Up the Door." The album is very entertaining if you enjoy mellow, light music. It contains some country flavor, a little rock, but mostly the soft acoustic guitar, piano melodies, and vocal harmonies that characterize their style.

Record Review
from _Cornerstone_ magazine, vol. 11, issue 62, page 38. by John Trott.

Phil Keaggy
SPR 1062

_Play Thru Me_ is Phil Keaggy at his best since the _Love Broke Thru_ album, possibly even topping that Jesus music classic. Twelve cuts of remarkably consistent Keaggy major in innovative guitar, moving lyrics, and supple melody lines.

Themes center around the daily walk of a Christian, often from the artist's own perspective. A spontaneous fell, so present in Phil's live concerts but rarely captured in the studio, permeates _Play Thru Me._

Musically, nearly the entire twelve cuts bear up under repeated play. The title song didn't quite measure up to this reviewer's ears, but only because it failed to carry the imaginative "something" prevalent on the disc. Cuts worthy of note include: "Making a Change," rock'n'roll harking back to Phil's Glass Harp days, "She Came to Stay," a soft love song, and the freewheeling guitar of "Carefree."

Guitar and music buffs will get a kick out of the LP's liner notes, which include detailed information about the guitars, amps, and effects used on each cut. Scriptures for each song are also included.

Record Review
from _Cornerstone_ magazine, vol. 12, iss. 68, page 40. by John Trott.

Phil Keaggy
EMR 4600

The first-fruits of Phil's own record label, _Underground_ captures the spontaneity of an artist having fun at home rather than being pressured in a studio situation. Originally recorded on a 4-track cassette machine in Keaggy's basement, then re-mixed on professional equipment, the disc covers a lot of musical and lyrical territory with freshness and finesse.

Out of eleven tunes three are instrumentals, the best being "The Ransom." Phil's fabulous fingers fly over the frets in this light rocker, proving once again his unparalleled talent. A leading candidate for radio play and use at weddings is the moving "The Two of You," affirming Jesus as the foundation of marital love.

"Deadline" offers a convincing rock melody blasting the workaholic mentality, while "Think About It" (the LP's best cut?) beseeches the unbeliever to do just that.

"The Survivor," the story of a child who lives through an abortion, certainly is original...and chilling. It sure won't be a hit with Planned Parenthood.

More emotion and less "every lick perfect" make _Underground_ a real breath of fresh air for both Phil and his listeners.

Record Review
from _Cornerstone_ magazine vol. 14, issue 77, page 38. by John Trott.

Phil Keaggy
EMC 4605

Phil is a great musician, but face it. His record releases have often bordered on self-indulgent studio experiments, pleasing to the ear, with flashes of brilliance, but certainly not consistent to the casual listener. Well, have you cake and eat it, too. _Getting Closer_ is an adventure of multi-rhythmic, powerful tunes that somehow stays mainstream pop at the same time.

Guitar work is - surprise - superlative. Toss on "Sounds" or the lovely (and kinda weird) "Passport" to verify the fact. But more interestingly, delightfully, Phil's voice has become an instrument highlighting a perfect musical environment. The comparison to a certain ex-Beatle is, as always, undeniable. But there's also the certain mark of the pioneer who's finally discovered the fertile ground of his own imagination.

Keaggy shares production honors with Smitty Price and steps aside long enought to let John Mehler and Richard Souther cameo. Lyric writing he did himself, and worked far harder than he ever has before. The opening cut, "Where Has All Our Love Gone" is one of the more articulate, creative, and heart-rending statements from a JM LP: "Look what happened to our people/...where did their love go?/If the unborn child is not a person?If it's not human, what is it then?/In your courts you deny/...where has your love gone?"

Reprinted with permission from _Cornerstone_ magazine, copyright @ 1994 Cornerstone Communications, Inc.