March 25, 1996

Dear friends,

Thanks for passing on to me thru Raphael all the collected Birthday greetings and Best wishes Ron Kneusel compiled from all my friends both here in the states and abroad.

I spent a good part of my birthday just resting in my reading chair and read through every single page of what must have been almost two hundred letters, cards and birthday greetings. I was very moved indeed.

I recognized many names and was reminded of some old memories. I especially enjoyed reading about some of the early 70's, times of prayer with folk, or just playing a song or two to a small cluster of friends gathered 'round.

It was as if God wanted to remind me through His people that those things done in Jesus are the things which last and are most significant in this life.

So thank you Ron and all of you good folks out there for your prayers and encouragement.

I'll keep these greetings to remind me in days ahead of the goodness of God working in all our lives and the light we can all be in this dark and troubled world which so desperately needs the Hope our Lord can give to us.

Happy Birthdays to all of you, too.

Very Sincerely,
Phil Keaggy

PS: I'm sorry I can't at this time answer all your requests and questions, but I occassionally, while reading, lifted up a prayer in response to those various needs. May God bless you with all that is good.

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