PKC: The Official Newsletter of the Phil Keaggy Club

Volume 3, Number 3, Winter 1995/1996

The Winter 95 (Volume 3, number 3) issue of PKC, the official newsletter of the Phil Keaggy Club, became available in Fall 1995. This 8 page glossy is the first issue under the new management of John Schroeter. Here's some of what you're missing if you aren't a member of the club:
Catching Up With Phil
John interviews Phil about highlights of his past few months and plans for the future.
Close Up On Technique
Phil briefly describes his signature right-hand slapping technique.
Musician's Workshop
Phil discusses the art, craft, and discipline of songwriting.
About That Guitar
Have you been wondering about that interesting guitar Phil is holding on the cover of True Believers? Here's the scoop on Phil's 1960 ES125TC 3/4.
Lick of the Quarter
Tab and playing tips for two licks from "Pilgrim's Flight."
Phil Keaggy Concert Schedule
Phil's itinerary, including two dozen dates booked through November of next year.
Last Call!
Now is the last chance for club members to order Backroom Trax cassettes Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6, The Boot Collection cassette, and the Sunday's Child cassette ($10 each post paid); and the 1972 Glass Harp release, It Makes Me Glad (import CD, $29.95 post paid). [As of January 1996, it appears that Backroom Trax Vol. 4 is also no longer available.]
The newsletter also reports much exciting news about upcoming Keaggy recording and publishing projects. See the New and Upcoming Keaggy Projects page for more details.

And for the most complete and up-to-date information about Phil and his doings, join the club!

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