PKC: The Official Newsletter of the Phil Keaggy Club

Volume 3, Number 4, Spring 1996

The Spring 96 (Volume 3, number 4) issue of PKC, the official newsletter of the Phil Keaggy Club, became available in February 1996. Among its 14 glossy pages are the following items:
Letters from the Keaggys
Both Phil and Bernadette offer their thoughts and gratitude to Keaggy fans.
Catching Up With Phil
John interviews Phil about highlights of his past few months and plans for the future, including studio work with Michael Card, Wes King, and John Michael Talbot.
Close Up On Technique
Phil discusses his execution of fast runs, and using a pick vs. using fingers.
Musician's Workshop
Phil offers tips for the traveling performer.
About That Guitar
Phil discusses his Langejans and Olson guitars, and guitar maker Del Langejans is interviewed..
Lick of the Quarter
Actually, this quarter it's five licks, "Great Intros" to the following songs: Tell Me How You Feel, Like An Island, Happy, Stone Eyes, and Be In My Heart.
New Stuff
Phil's new acoustic instrumental album, Acoustic Sketches, is now available exclusively through the Club. A tab book is forthcoming. John Sferra's solo album, Northbound, is also available, and features playing by Phil.
Of course, the newsletter also includes the latest tour itinerary and ordering and subscription information.

For the most complete and up-to-date information about Phil and his doings, join the club!

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