PKC: The Official Newsletter of the Phil Keaggy Club

Volume 4, Number 1, Summer 1996

The Summer 96 (Volume 4, number 1) issue of PKC, the official newsletter of the Phil Keaggy Club, became available in June 1996. Among its 8 glossy pages are the following items:
Close Up On Technique
Phil describes his use of the Lexicon JamMan looping sampler.

Dear Phil
A touching letter of appreciation to Phil on the occassion of his 45th birthday, from fan Jane Skon.

About That Guitar
A description of the new Parker Fly electric guitar (with piezo pickups!) that Phil has used recently both in concert an in the studio for the upcoming album, 220.

Lick of the Quarter
Not a "lick" this quarter, but a whole song: Dan Libertino's transcription of "Evensong" from The Master And The Musician, including Phil's reflection on the song's origins (it originally had lyrics, reproduced in this issue!).

Catching Up With Phil
John Schroeter talks with Phil about his recent performance at the Gospel Music Association convention, and about the concept and working out of Phil's new album, 220.

A track-by-track description of Phil's upcoming electric instrumental release, 220.
Of course, the newsletter also includes the latest tour itinerary and ordering and subscription information, and numerous other tidbits and reflections. If you want to know more about it, well... join the club!

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