PKC: The Official Newsletter of the Phil Keaggy Club

Volume 5, Number 4, Spring 1999

The Spring 99 (Volume 5, number 4) issue of PKC, the official newsletter of the Phil Keaggy Club, became available in June 1999. Among its 8 glossy pages are the following items:
Hello Friends
The newsletter begins with Phil's customary letter to his fans, in which he discusses upcoming instrumental releases (three of them!) and other things on his heart.

Catching Up With Phil
PKC publisher John Schroeter interviews Phil, discussing his recent awards, his continuing musical collaboration with Gianna Jesson (an abortion survivor whose lovely voice graces "Above all things" and "Jesus loves the church" on Phil Keaggy), his recent project as a producer on Keith Moore's Travelers, his past work with Paul Clark, and more.

Songwriter's Corner
Phil answers a question from a songwriter fan who is "dealing with the fact that not everyone likes my stuff" and asks, "How do you suggest I handle rejection?"

Keaggy's Premium Jams
A full page low-down on the tracks comprising the new double CD available through the PKC featuring unreleased jams from various times and environments.

Song of the Quarter
Music and tablature for various sections of "Sign came through a window," from Phil's latest vocal album, Phil Keaggy.
Of course, the newsletter also includes the latest tour itinerary and ordering and subscription information, and numerous cool photos and graphics. If you want to know more about it, well... join the club!

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