Phil Keaggy

Acoustic Sketches

Keaggy, even more than when he pushes the envelope with the amp, exerts total command and complete companionship with the spruce and bronze. Whether he's tapping out harmonics while improvising ditties with monikers such as "Rivulets" and "On Second Thought"--or breathing new life into an old tune such as "Spend My Life with You"--Acoustic Sketches showcases Keaggy's ability to create a warm space where no words are necessary.
---Dave Urbanski, CCM Magazine

Phil Keaggy's new CD features more than an hour of Phil's unmatched and unrestrained solo acoustic guitar renderings. Phil runs his Olson and Langejans guitars through the gamut, from quiet contemplative moments to "in the pocket" jams to awesome solo arrangements to a slapped and tapped harmonic feast for the ears.

19 Tracks In All!

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Acoustic Sketches is a limited release.

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For more online information about the album, check out the Acoustic Sketches page at March of the Clouds. And for a professional review, read Dave Urbanski's review of 220 and Acoustic Sketches. This review appeared in CCM Magazine in September 1996; visit the CCM September 1996 Album Reviews page for the official version, including soundbites.

Acoustic Sketches - An Essay

There once was a little boy who came from a very large family. He was adventurous, inquisitive, and often times off alone with his thoughts. He very much enjoyed playing with his brothers, sisters, and friends, but now and then he set off to discover something for himself---not to be selfish, mind you, for some things can only be experienced in the solitude of quiet surroundings.

Soon would come the chance to express what he had discovered in those solitary times when his focus was upon something "other" than this world. Other than the passing temporary fads, phases, and frenzies. Something other than the sights and sounds of modern things: radios, TVs, cassette players, CDs, and magazines.

One afternoon, after being caught up in spontaneous explorations, he realized something new was born in him. Something rough, unpolished, raw and with uneven edges, yet this was an honest find. There was a bowlful of nuggets worth trying and tasting---not for everyone's palette, but satisfying to those whose hunger was satisfied with the tasting of each morsel. He couldn't describe what he had found, for words did not come easily, but he merely held out his hands and invited whoever wished to have, hold, and enjoy that which he himself was eager to find.

-Phil (from the Summer 1996 Phil Keaggy Club newsletter)

Acoustic Sketches

Produced by Phil Keaggy and John Schroeter.

A limited release from the Phil Keaggy Club (1996), including both crafted compositions and spontaneous improvisations, some featuring Phil's use of the JamMan looping sampler

Track Listing:

  1. Metamorphosis (4:51)
  2. Rivulets (2:55)
  3. Nellie's Tune (3:23)
  4. Passing Thought (1:29)
  5. The Marionette (3:47)
  6. Del's Bells (1:29)
  7. Looking Back (0:37)
  8. Paka (2:55)
  9. Spend My Life With You (5:52)
  10. Jam in the Pocket (4:09)
  11. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (3:17)
  12. The 50th (6:59)
  13. Morning Snow (2:48)
  14. Spanish Fantasy (1:48)
  15. On Some Distant Shore (5:04)
  16. Icicles (2:16)
  17. On Second Thought (2:30)
  18. Griegarious (0:16)
  19. Legacy (5:25)

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