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About The Club...

The best way to keep in touch with Phil's doings is by joining the Phil Keaggy Fan Club. As of October of 1995, the club is being run by John Schroeter (the original publisher, editor, and writer for Fingerstyle Guitar magazine, now the head of John August Music). Originally, the fan club printed a quaterly newsletter, PKC, containing:

Exclusive CD and Cassette Offers
Interviews --- News
Concert Schedules --- New Releases
Transcriptions, licks, tips and more

Starting in 2002, the newsletter is available electronically. You can sign up at the official club web site that first came on line in 1999. In fact, the club web site is the official Phil Keaggy web site: Check there for information on how to join. You can also purchase pretty much all of Phil's currently available audio music, printed music, and instructional videos from the club site.

Here you'll find summaries of previous newsletters; most of these can be still be purchased from the club. If you contact the Club as a result of your visit here, let them know you learned of them at Way Back Home.

Newsletter Contents

Here you'll find brief descriptions of the contents of some recent Phil Keaggy Club newsletters, to entice you to join!

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