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Welcome to the Acoustic Guitarist's Annotated Guide, AG for short! (Whether "AG" stands for "Acoustic Guitar" or "Annotated Guide" is left for the reader to decide!)

This is our bare-bones, quick-downloading opening page. Many of the other pages in this resource use backgrounds and lots of small inline GIF icons (buttons, bullets, etc.). If your Internet connection is very slow, you might consider turning off image loading in your browser before proceeding, though none of the graphics are very large.

This site differs from others in that it is annotated: we're trying to let you know what a link will do for you before you point at it or click on it. We are slowly incorporating cue bullets to help convey some of this information graphically. If you aren't familiar with cue bullets, you might start your browsing by looking at our About This Site page, where you'll find a cue bullet legend.

There's quite a bit of construction going on here; please pardon our dust. You can contribute. If you come across a link you think should belong here, send it to the AG webslave at the address you'll find at the bottom of each page. Include the URL and a brief descriptive "blurb" if possible. If you come across a dead link, I'd love to hear about that, too; the web changes too quickly for me to keep up with some of it!

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your stay!


About This Site...
A brief description of what's here (including graphical conventions), and pointers to a few key online resources for acoustic guitarists.

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