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Welcome to the Muse homepage! Muse is dedicated to providing various technological solutions to musicians—primarily acoustic guitarists and vocalists—that we hope will inspire their performances. Some Muse products should also be of interest to electronics hobbyists, even if their interests are not in audio electronics.

Our first commercial products are still in the development stage; check back in a few months if you're looking to spend some money! In the meantime, we offer a variety of free resources that we hope you'll find useful. Consider it AdWare, if you like. Enjoy these resources with no legal or ethical obligations to even think of buying Muse products now or in the future. But if your future needs overlap with our offerings, we hope to have generated enough "warm, fuzzy feelings" that you'll consider the Muse solution.

Information Resources produced by Muse

Other Small Companies Serving Acoustic Musicians

In an effort to encourage the efforts of entrepreneurs trying to serve the acoustic amplification market with small, hands-on operations, we list here the web sites of such companies for your perusal:
Orchid Electronics
Orchid Electronics is a small company based in the UK run by John Godsland. They offer a line of audio electronics products including an acoustic guitar preamp (used by Show Of Hands, Albion Band, Jethro Tull and many others) and phantom powered DIs, and also produce custom devices for customers.

EMF Acoustics
Based in Finland, EMF has introduced a significant new transducer technology to the acoustic amplification market with their electret-based B-Band under-saddle transducer. They also sell preamps specially designed to interface with the B-Band.

Daedalus Music
Based in Trumansburg in upstate New York, Daedalus Music offers high quality speaker cabinets and component systems for acoustic guitar amplification, hand-crafted by guitarist and woodworker Lou Hinkley. Lou also builds high quality stage speakers and studio furniture. Martin Simpson has said of Lou's work that it "Sounds like God in a box." The Daedalus web site describes the products, hosts articles and reviews featuring Daeduls cabinets, provides contact info for Daadalus dealers, and also offers tips on using component amplification systems for acoustic guitars.

Sunrise Pickup Systems
Jim Kaufman hand-manufactures a limited number of his acclaimed electromagnetic soundhole pickups. He also produces preamps and direct boxes for use with his and other pickups. This site provides price and dealer lists, and contact information.

Donnell Mini-Flex Microphones (email link)
Donnell Enterprises manufactures and sells high-quality internal mics for acoustic guitars and other acoustic instruments. Their mics are mounted on mini goosenecks allowing easy position adjustment. They have models that clip on internal braces, or that mount permanently via a soundhole jack. Most models are battery operated. Rane Audio (see below) also resells Donnell mics for use with their AP-13 preamp. This link sends them email; you can request their free brochure this way. A web site is in progress.

Joe Mills Audio Products (email link)
Joe Mills manufactures acoustic guitar transducers; you can email him for more information about his products. Online users of his acoustic guitar mics rave about them. There is also Joe Mills Mini Mic info at the Highlander Pickups web site.

Trance Audio
Trance audio offers high quality pickups and preamps for amplification of acoustic guitars. Their Acoustic Lens pickup is the successor to the famour FRAP pickup, and Michael Hedges uses the Trance Inducer preamp with a FRAP pickup. Their page provides info about all their products, including full owner's manuals.

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