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[Phil with his Olson guitar]

Way back home in the wild woods of my past
I ask
What becomes of a man
Who leaves behind the memory of youth
Instead of looking back to live again

---Phil Keaggy, "Way Back Home"

Welcome to Way Back Home! The title of this page, and the opening quote, come from Phil's 1986 acoustic vocal album titled (you guessed it!) Way Back Home.

If you've stumbled across this site in your web meanderings and have no idea who on earth Phil Keaggy is, you might want to skim over an article or two in the Articles and Interviews section. If you like good music, you've meandered to the right place! And if you're a guitarist, prepare to be blown away....

For more on Phil and his music, be sure to stop by these wonderful corners of the web:

If you'd like to chat with real, live Keaggy fans, join the Phil Keaggy Discussion Group. A description of the group, directions for joining, and a FAQ can be found at PKFans.com. The group itself is hosted by Yahoo Groups; you must be registered at Yahoo to join (it's free). This is an email "listserv" community of dozens of friendly and knowledgable "Phil Phans." There can be anywhere from a half-dozen to a few dozen posts per day; you can sign up for a digest mode that collects a day's worth of posts and emails them to you as a single message with a table of contents. This list is where you'll find the most up-to-date news on Phil's musical doings; it is also where some of the tablature archived at this site first appeared.

Suggestions, contributions, and pats-on-the-back are most welcome; you can send email to the editor of these pages using the link at the end of this page.

Enjoy your visit here, Way Back Home....


Please excuse me if I exercise editorial privilege and post here my review of the 1994 re-release of Way Back Home, which includes a brief introduction to Phil, a description of this recording, and a few words about the James A. Olson acoustic guitars Phil plays. It was posted to the folk_music@nysernet.org list server (a great discussion group on contemporary acoustic music) and the rec.music.makers.guitar.acoustic Usenet news group for acoustic guitar players. Let me leave you with an excerpt from that review, explaining why I've put together this web site:

The word that comes to mind when I think of Phil's music is: joy. Not happiness, necessarily, but joy. From the time I first heard Phil's music in 1980, no other music has been so much a source of joy for me---the joy of jubilation in happy times, or of seeking (and perhaps finding) redemption in sad times. My fondest wish for any of you would be that you find music or some other form of art that touches and uplifts the deep places in you as effectively as Phil's music does so for me.
Thanks for visiting Way Back Home. Peace to you!

Tom Loredo /

The title and background graphic for this page are adapted from the artwork of the original 1986 release of Way Back Home. The original artwork is by Gary Whitlock, and is Copyrighted 1986 by Pan Pacific Records. Many thanks to Mike Allinger for his assistance in adapting these and other graphics at this site for the web.

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